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« on: June 03, 2015, 03:59:21 AM »
Magicniner Thank you very much.  This PDF with a basic schematics is exactly what I was looking for. 
I will read throughout and probably will solve many questions. 
But just to advance a little let me ask you 2 things. 
Only the manufacturer controler is compatible or any PLC based one can be used.
What would be the cheapest and simple solution to work with this servos.
The second question.  In your opinion, should I continue projecting my machine based on this servos or should I chose then Nema 24 or 32 instead? 
These servos seems to work with a lot more precision but I think I may have to invest much more money to complete the installation..

General Mach Discussion /
« on: June 02, 2015, 03:35:37 PM »
Thanks I am not very experienced using forums..  Next time I post a new topic I will try to better categorize it..  Thank you.. 
And I am still in urgent need for this information.  I have a deadline to conclude the building of this cnc router

General Mach Discussion /
« on: June 01, 2015, 09:08:44 PM »
Lol I did nt exactly got the joke, but it sounds funny to me. 

But I am still waiting for some help in this topic. 
I have already tried to contact the manufacturer in order to get more info on this servo motors, specially what kind or which one control unity is compatible to it. 
Today I found some good info but it still not very clear to me how I can interface this servo motor to the mach3.
It's probably a very good set of components,  but it do me no good until I figure the whole thing out. 
So I hope to get some help on this forum.

The motor is drive integrated.  It combines high performance permanent magnet synchronous servo motor and drive electronics in the same enclosure. 
In the web site it also says that it control via IEC 61131-3.

I think the main question is.  What kind of control and which is a good pick ( cost\benefit)
I thought about using a arduino board as controler but I would need to amplify the signal somehow.

Hi I have the following material to build a medium to heavy duty CNC machine.

3 Servo-Motors (drives integrated) Danfoss ISD401. 400Vdc, 10Nm, 600 RPM

3 used Nema 23 stepper motors (not in very good shape, I bought at a junk yard and it was all rust, I cleaned with a circular steel brush)

1 WEQ CFW 10 frequency inverter 220 Vac  0- 300 Hz (for a future tool change system )

1 Siemens Micromaster 420 frequency inverter. 0 - 730 hz  (for spindle control )

1 ECODRIVER Indramat DKC 1.1-030-3 Drive controllers  (it s probably not compatible to my servo motors, and as far as I could Understand when I read the manual, it is a single axis module.. I would need another 2 to control X-Y-Z Axis.. So I will probably sell and use the money to buy the remaining parts..

3 Pneumatic linear actuator 30mm course, and 3 selenoid valves.. ( probably use to develop the tool change system , or a system to lock and hold the sheets or material to the gantry table ..

12 mm High grade Aluminum sheets  and mechanical parts (flanges, bearings, rails , linear guides , aluminum extrusions etc..

i would like to ask you guys for advice on how to setup this parts in the best way possible and low cost. What kind of interface i could use to connect these servo-motors to my computer and run it with mach3 (or any other better way) for the application on a 3 Axis CNC Machine.

tank you

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