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Thanks for trying but I believe it's something else due to the fact that is has been working fine before I went to try use it.
Going to give up now and let a professional look at it.
Thanks for your time.

When I use the UC100 plugin and jogs manually I can see the pin state for 3,5 and 7 turn red and white. Also the jog and run is turning red when I jog and when I am not the idle led is red.
The time indicator is moving rapidly all the time without me or the mach3 doing anything.

The LED lights on the UC100 indicates that is it working and is connected to my computer without firmware problem. I believe that something else is wrong.

Okey I'm going to read some manuals. I tried finding the drivertest in my mach3 folder but couldn't find there or on the web. Do you have a link?

Isn't there some way I can just test if it can move? I mean when I start the cycle everything looks good on mach3 and it follow the toolpath  but my machine isn't doing anything more than clicks after I change settings. I feel so hopeless... :(
Thanks anyway

When I check the ports for the UC100 I get: Port_#0003.Hub_#0004 so should my port adress be 0003?

I think that it has nothing to do with the UC100 it's just making me able to use the usb. This is the box: http://www.jbcnc.se/product_info.php?products_id=474&language=en


It's so hard explaining something I have no clue about xD I have mach3 on my laptop and it is connected thru usb to some 5A 230v black box that is connected so the cnc. If I press the green button on this black box my spindle start turning for 2 seconds and then nothing. If I run the roadrunner g-code everything looks fine on my screen but my cnc is not doing anything.
This machine has been run before but not by me. I just want to at least be able to move the axis manually...

Now it seems to be kinda okey. The motor outputs are enabled again but I get a red light on Enable 1 and 2. And the machine is still completely dead.

Okey :) port and pins then disable all axis on motor output?

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