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I need help! I promised a job to someone because my MachIII and plasma have done great work.

I got this drawing of a maple leaf, I import it into lazycam, and get a message saying there are splines in the drawing and it can not import it. I see nothing wrong with the drawing, though I am not an expert in autocad. I think it is a drawing issue, because my cutting table has done much more difficult stuff then this.

Does someone have a minute to look at the drawing, I will attach it.

Thank you


One on one phone support. / Re: About one on one phone support.
« on: June 08, 2007, 02:54:25 PM »

I have this drawing of a mapleleaf. My machIII and plasma cutter have been working well.

this particular drawing, when I go to load it into the lazycam, I get a message saying "This file contains splines. They were ignored as splines cannot be imported.

It is not a complicated drawing and I don't know why it will not work!

Can anyone help?

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