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I have tried both configurations and I can't get either to send a signal back to mach3 and trigger the e-stop.
I thought that I had problem with my parallel port so I setup the board on a different computer today. Same issue.
I have purchased a MB-02-V6 from Homann Design. I plan on moving forward with that board.

I uninstalled mach3 and then re-installed and ran the setup instructions. Still not able to get the e-stop to work. Starting to think that my PC might have something wrong with it.

Here is the link to the documentation on how to setup the board.


when following these instructions I am not able to get the e-stop to work.

I have been working with a ST-V2 5 axis breakout board from stepperonline. I have everything working except for limit switches and e-stop. I have read the mach3 manual several times and searched the web for answers on how to configure this board. I can't seem to get the e-stop and limit switches to work. Looking for answers on how to diagnose the problem. the documentation shows the e-stop setup on pin 10.

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