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 Okay a little update.
I found on some other forums general minimum required connections to satisfy the spindle drive so with jumper wires and an external speed reference voltage signal I got the spindle spinning Yesterday. Although occasionally every few minutes the spindle would decelerate and then accelerate back up to target speed randomly. Not sure what that was about yet but at least i think I have a working spindle drive so one less thing I do not have to purchase in the initial stages of bringing life back into this lathe.

 Good afternoon,

 Could I ask for some guidance on what pins to use on the FANUC DC Spindle board that is on My old SL-3B lathe?
the lathe I purchased came with zero technical documentation and I have been trying to identify wire by wire on the harnesses what is connected but not having worked on anything FANUC I am starting from scratch. Next question also is jumper settings if the board is not set up for analog reference input. Somewhere I thought I saw on forums that some of these boards are feed a serial command for speed reference but I could be mistaken.
I will be using a Vital Systems DSPMC for the spindle control analog signal.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Mach4 General Discussion / Re: Lathe Mach4 DSPMC 7763 setup questions
« on: March 17, 2021, 08:25:15 PM »
Update on this,
 I went to try Mill profile just to see if it would work but since I only installed lathe at time of installation I had to install Mach4 again. After installing Mach4 again with Mill, router & lathe this time the motion for this X axis motor seemed to run the road runner file fine. Jogging appeared to work as well. I then restarted in Lathe profile and jogging appears to work fine now. Possibly something was missing from Mach files when I did My initial install and only selected Lathe profile. I will continue testing but things are looking better now.

Mach4 General Discussion / Lathe Mach4 DSPMC 7763 setup questions
« on: March 17, 2021, 06:00:43 PM »
 Hi All,
 Before mounting all the gear on the machine itself I am trying to understand the basics of how all this closed loop gear and IP equipment does it's thing. This will make troubleshooting and commissioning later on for myself a little easier. I currently have the "X" motor in the vise and the equipment all laid out on a table. My goal here was to get basic motion with just one drive to validate and understand before the equipment gets installed. I can tune the drive with the PDI setting. I can run motor tests on the HICON motor test screen with no following errors and very smooth controlled moves. But If I try to jog the X axis in Mach4 incremental 1 inch the motor just starts continually turning in one direction occasionally slowing down then speeding up again. motor will just keep running and the only way to stop it is disable button on screen. DRO appears to be working fine and just keeps counting up. Now I will say I have zero inputs connected at the moment for home, limits enable as I am just trying to get basic motion right now. I am stuck here trying to understand what is going on. 
CPU AMD Phenom II 3.4 Ghz
new SSD 500 g  with clean install Win 10 Pro
8 g Ram
DSPMCv3 motion board (set at 60 polling hrz as that seems to be the limit of what the tx can send out)
CNCdrive DG4S-16035 drives (step/dir)
FANUC 5M DC servo with Fanuc 2000 pulse coder under cap
Mach settings currently are 8000 counts per unit in the motors tab as just for testing I have used this value 1 rpm=1"
I only have one motor connected and one drive.
Being the jog function starts i "assume" Mach4 is allowing a jog move but something between the motion board and Mach is not happy. I know this is long winded but if I am asking for help I need to give the details. Thanks in advance. BK

Hi All,
 Returning Mach user after 10 plus Years. Former plasma/ oxy fuel cutting table on steppers and a knee mill retrofit with DC servos. Now i am tackling a lathe retrofit with Mach4 and a DSPMCv3. A huge learning curve once again... I will search the forum as much as I can to find questions i will have and may ask the community for help to turn this project into a success. Thanks in advance. BK in Houston

dspMC/IP Motion Controller / Re: DSPMC v3 7763 PIN MAPPING
« on: March 14, 2021, 10:08:19 PM »
 Thanks very much for the super quick reply. I was looking at this manual for 2 hours but missed that. Just intimidated with some many new things I guess.

dspMC/IP Motion Controller / DSPMC v3 7763 PIN MAPPING
« on: March 14, 2021, 07:30:24 PM »
 I am trying to set up My new DSPMCv3 board with MACH4 and am completely lost on how to identify what pins are what in MACH4. The HICON that is installed only shows inputs/outputs P11-15. My board has 9 different connectors on it. I went back and double checked on Vital Website to see if I accidentally installed the wrong plugins. Folder name is DSPMC but the actual plugin name in the folder is labeled HICON. Do I have the wrong plugins installed maybe?
 I am just getting back into the CNC world after being out for over 10 Years so I have some catching up to do on all the latest and greatest whistles and bells.

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