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Thanks for your help. I think I have something suitable I will give it a go tomorrow.

Thanks again, that seems to have done the trick. Do I need to add an M05 before the M6 or does the M6 have a macro that will stop the spindle when it comes for a toolchange?

Thanks for that. The manual isn't great but having had a look at some of the other post processors it would make sense to put that at the end of the file. I would imagine that it goes through each process and determines if there is a new tool after each operation.


I am using Artcam pro to generated G-code with arcs, whenever I try and generate the code with more than one tool I get a warning to say that my post processor does not support toolchanges. Is there something I can add to the post processor file to sort this? It is not a huge issue but it does mean I am not using the machine and it's facilities to it's full potential. It would also save me having to generate several files for one job.

Many thanks,


General Mach Discussion / Delta VFD-B Motor Drive Spindle speed control
« on: August 15, 2014, 10:26:16 AM »
As the title suggest I have a Delta VFD-B motor drive and was wondering if anyone can tell me if I can control the spindle speed directly through Mach? At the moment regardless of the spindle speed in the G-code it always goes to max speed. I am trying to drill holes and continuously burning drill bits because the spindle is going too fast.



SmoothStepper USB / Re: Do I need a smoothstepper?
« on: May 11, 2014, 05:03:53 PM »
CV Mode is activated and at the moment I haven't enabled anything. I will find the g code for the item I was cutting.

I notice the jerkiness as well when engraving letters.

I wasn't sure if a smoothstepper would solve the problem so thank you for confirming that and saving me some cash and a few more headaches!

SmoothStepper USB / Do I need a smoothstepper?
« on: May 09, 2014, 04:11:52 PM »
I have an issue with juddering and shaking on my CNC router when cutting curves. I have fiddled about with acceleration and feed speeds but it persists. As a newcomer to CNC is a smoothstepper something that may help this? My CNC uses stepper motors and I am running XP with a 2GHz processor.


G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Best DXF version?
« on: May 09, 2014, 03:49:43 PM »
I have an issue with juddering and shaking on my CNC router when cutting curves. I have been informed that it may be a DXF issue when the CAM software converts to G code. The majority of my drawings are done on 3D cad which are saved as drawings which are then converted to DXF. I was saving as R12 format which may or may not be the problem. Has anyone else encountered this and been successful in smoothing things out by changing to a different file version of DXF?


Thanks Ian.

I will spend some time playing about with the acceleration and velocity. I hope to not have to use the additional CV settings.

I bought this machine to make furniture components with but not in huge quantities. I think it will do pretty much what I am looking for but if I had to spend another couple of hundred quid I would, providing it was a benefit. I am talking about a smooth stepper rather than upgrading motors or drives. But then which smooth stepper to buy.... If I thought it would be a straightforward installation then I would probably just get one. Buying a smooth stepper and finding it causes more problems would not be ideal. Being self employed and trying to make money during the day and finding a few hours here and there to test the CNC is proving tricky. Although to be fair I did not expect it to be straight forward.

Yes, it is now cutting the same for a 4 arc circle as a 1 arc circle.

I can see your point about the lookahead and it was set to 20 steps by default but again, possibly I imagined reading it or someone recommended to change it to 200. I did think it a bit odd when trying to run a circle program that had at best 20 lines so setting it to 200 seemed a bit pointless. Perhaps I should trust my own thinking but at the time I thought it may have been better suited to when I actually got round to running bigger programs. Anyway as a newcomer to this every day is a learning experience. I will set it back to 20. I also learned to never try and open the config when cutting something on the machine. It did not like that.

With respect to the CV distance value is that lines of code or is it steps in a direction? Is it worthwhile turning that on? What is it's purpose? When you say that if CV is working properly... how do I know that it is not? Is there a shape (don't say circles) that I could cut that would show it is doing what it should?

The stuttering effect I sometimes see when it comes to a transition point in a curve is what I was referring to when asking if it is a characteristic of the stepper motors. Setting the lookahead back to 20 may cure this I suspect.

I think I may be able to reduce the feedrate of the cutter a bit but I am using twin fluted cutters and I think that is about the right feed speed for them. When increasing the acceleration at what point will I know that it is not actually having any physical effect due to the trade off between velocity and acceleration? I have been watching the feedrate DRO as it has been cutting and on curves and anything that is not a straight line then obviously it drops a fair bit but once it gets to a straight line it accelerates well up to max feedrate. I am bearing in mind you have never seen this machine... however ... what is an ideal acceleration value to aim for? Or am I not actually looking for a value just the performance of cut?

I apologise in advance for continuing to ask foolish questions!

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