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I am having a brain fade. Mach 3 2010 Screenset. Fusion 360. When my machine is called for a tool-change it pauses above the work piece and stops the spindle. I have to hit start, for it to go to tool change position. Where I change the tool, hit "start" again and it carries on.

How do I remove this requirement for the first "start" and have it go directly to the tool change position? Simple things but I have no idea. Thanks in advance. Rgds

I may have posted into the wrong section. I cant seem to find where to start with this one. Tried in the general section and only got moths ha

Running multiple parts on multiple Z heights. Using 2010 screenset and the auto toolchange auto start function.

 I zero the tool on each one on each offset. Run the program. First Op runs fine until the tool change/fixed plate/new tool  which is when the new Z offset for G54 is not carried over into the G55 G56 G57 and so on. Normally the second tool is much longer and creates quite a nice deep cut on the G55 (or next offset) until I hit the stop button. (did it once)

I have been looking at the tool change macros but am stumped where to have it input the different Z offsets into the other G code offsets.

Please if someone could point me to A) The macro I need to change. B) How to get that macro to work when I am running multiple offsets. and C) Well anything else I need to study. D) Or can I alter my G Code to force the toolchange offset through each different table offset?

I think its M881 which is the auto tool change macro. I even have a young programmer keen to help. But - I am not a programmer and dont know where to start. This is the tool change macro yes? And can I alter it, rename it, and have it come alive when on different offsets?

Sub Main()
' Based on the macros created be Big Tex -  May 25 2010
' and modified by Poppa Bear 11dec10

Dim ZNew, Zplate, ZMaxRetract, Zplatetomaterial
Dim XWork, YWork, XMachine, YMachine, ZMachine
Dim XScale, YScale, ZScale
Dim XPlate, YPlate, xtoprobe, ytoprobe
Dim PlateOffset, MatOffset, TotalOffset
Dim MatOffsetYN
Dim ZClear, ClearAllow
Dim CurrentFeed
Dim CurrentAbsInc
Dim Response

XWork = GetOEMDRO(800)  ' Get Current X Work Coordinate
YWork = GetOEMDRO(801)  ' Get Current Y Work Coordinate
XMachine = GetOemDRO(83)  ' Get Current X Machine Coordinate
YMachine = GetOemDRO(84)  ' Get Current Y Machine Coordinate
ZMachine = GetOemDRO(85)   ' Get Current Z Machine Coordinate
XPlate = GetUserDRO(1811)  ' Get X Machine Coordinate location of the touch plate
YPlate = GetUserDRO(1812)  ' Get Y Machine Coordinate location of the touch plate
PlateOffset = GetUserDRO(1851)  ' Get Plate Thickness DRO
MatOffset = GetUserDRO(1815)  ' Get Material Offset DRO

If GetOEMLED(1863) Then  ' Set Flag if Material Offset is used
End If

'Get Axis Scale factors
XScale = GetOEMDRO(59)
YScale = GetOEMDRO(60)
ZScale = GetOEMDRO(61)

'Set All Axis' Scale to 1
Call SetOEMDRO(59,1)
Call SetOEMDRO(60,1)
Call SetOEMDRO(61,1)

CurrentFeed = GetOemDRO(818)  ' Get the current feedrate to return to later
CurrentAbsInc = GetOemLED(48)   ' Get the current G90/G91 state
Zclear=GetOEMDRO(1814) ' Get Z Clearance Plane from DRO

'//////// the block below will set all your reusable vars depending on Inch or mm.
'//////// this sets the vars so you only need ONE large block of probing code.

If GetOEMLED(801) Then  ' On = English Measure INCH

FirstProbeDist = 6.0 ' Probe down 6 inches
FirstRetractDist = 0.05 ' Then retract .05 inch
SecProbeDist = 0.25 ' Then probe down .25 inches
FirstProbeFeed = 10.0 ' First probe feed @ 10 ipm
SecondProbeFeed = 1.0 ' Second probe feed @ 1 ipm
ClearAllow = 0.125 ' Max Allowable Clearance = Z Machine Zero - .125in

Else ' Off = Metric Measure MM

FirstProbeDist = 150.0 ' Probe down 150mm
FirstRetractDist = 1.0 ' Then retract 1mm
SecProbeDist = 6.0 ' Then probe down 6mm
FirstProbeFeed = 250.0 ' First probe feed @ 250 mm/min
SecondProbeFeed = 25.0 ' Second probe feed @ 25 mm/min
ClearAllow = 2.0 ' Max Allowable Clearance = Z Machine Zero - 2mm

End If

'//////// Error Condition checking code

If GetOemLED(16)<>0 Then ' Check for Machine Coordinates
Code "(Please change to working coordinates)"
Exit Sub ' Exit if in Machine Coordinates
End If

If GetOemLED(825)<>0 Then
Code "(Z-Plate Grounded Check connection and try again)"
Exit Sub ' Exit if probe is tripped
End If

If PlateOffset < 0 Then
Code "(Plate Thickness < 0 - Please Correct and try again)"
Exit Sub ' Exit If Plate Thickness is less than 0
End If

If MatOffsetYN=1 Then
   If MatOffset < 0 Then
   Code "(Warning - Material Offset < 0)"
   End If
End If

If ZClear <= 0 Then
Code "(Clearance Plane Must > 0 - Please Reset)"
Exit Sub ' Exit If Clearance Plane is less than  or equal to 0
End If

If MatOffsetYN=1 Then  ' If Use Material Offset = Yes
   TotalOffset = PlateOffset - MatOffset
   TotalOffset = PlateOffset
End If

'//////// Start Probing Code, Probe In -Z direction.
'//////// The vars will be Inch or Metric from above if/else statment

sleep(1000) ' Pause for 1 second to give time to position probe plate

Code "F" & FirstProbeFeed ' Set feedrate to 10 ipm or 300mm/min

Code "(Probing for Z Zero.....)" ' Puts this message in the status bar

ZNew = (GetOEMDro(802) - FirstProbeDist ) ' Probe move to current Z - 6 inches
Code "G90 G31 Z" & Znew

While IsMoving() ' Wait for probe move to finish

ZNew = GetVar(2002) ' Read the touch point
Code "G0 Z" & ( ZNew + FirstRetractDist ) ' Move up .05 inch or 1mm in case of overshoot

While IsMoving()

Code "F" & SecondProbeFeed ' Set feedrate to 1 ipm or 25mm/min

ZNew = (GetOEMDro(802) - SecProbeDist ) ' Probe move to current Z - .25 inches
Code "G90 G31 Z" & Znew

While IsMoving()

ZNew = GetVar(2002) ' Read the touch point
Code "G0 Z" & ZNew ' Move back to hit point in case of overshoot

While IsMoving()

Call SetOEMDRO (802, TotalOffset) ' Set the Z axis DRO to plate thickness
sleep(500) ' Pause for DRO to update.

'Make Sure Z Clearance Plane is below Home Switch. If not, Notify User and Proceed.
ZMaxRetract = Abs(GetOemDRO(85)) - ClearAllow ' Distance to Home Switch - Clearance Allowance

If ZClear - TotalOffset > ZMaxRetract Then

   Response = MsgBox ("Warning !!!" & (Chr(13)) & "Z Clearance Plane is Above Z Axis Home Switch." & (Chr(13)) & "Press OK To Retract Safely Below Switch" & (Chr(13)) & "Or Press Cancel to Exit Operation",49,"Insufficient Z Clearance!!")

   If Response = 1 Then ' If OK
      ZClear = TotalOffset + ZMaxRetract ' Retract to Z Machine zero - .125in or 2mm
      ElseIf Response = 2 Then ' If Cancel
      Exit Sub
   End If
End If
Code "G0 Z" & ZClear ' Retract to Z Clearance Plane

While IsMoving()

' Move to fixed plate location and probe again

Code "G53 G0 X" & XPlate & " Y" & YPlate ' Rapid to the location of the plate

While IsMoving()

Code "F" & FirstProbeFeed ' Set feedrate to 10 ipm or 300mm/min

If GetOemLED(825)<>0 Then
Code "(Z-Plate Grounded Check connection and try again)"
Exit Sub ' Exit if probe is tripped
End If

Code "(Probing for Reference Position.....)" ' Puts this message in the status bar

ZPlate = (GetOEMDRO(802) - FirstProbeDist)
Code "G90 G31 Z" & Zplate ' Probe move to current Z - 6 inches

While IsMoving()

ZPlate = GetVar(2002) ' Read the touch point
Code "G0 Z" & ( ZPlate + FirstRetractDist ) ' Move up .1 inch in case of overshoot

While IsMoving()

Code "F" & SecondProbeFeed ' Set feedrate to 1 ipm or 25mm/min

ZPlate = (GetOEMDRO(802) - SecProbeDist)
Code "G90 G31 Z" & Zplate ' Probe move to current Z - .25 inches

While IsMoving()

ZPlate = GetVar(2002) ' Read the touch point
Code "G1 Z" & ZPlate ' Move back to hit point in case of overshoot

While IsMoving()

Zplatetomaterial = GetOEMDRO(802) ' Record the current coordinate of the bottom of the tool and plate

Call SetUserDRO(1813,Zplatetomaterial) ' This sets a user DRO to the difference between the top of material and top of plate
sleep(500) ' Pause for DRO to update.

Code "G0 Z" & ZClear ' Move up to the  amount specified in the Z Clearance Plane DRO

While IsMoving()

Code "G0 X" & XWork & " Y" & YWork ' Returns to the previous XY job location

While IsMoving()

Code "F" & CurrentFeed ' Reset to original feed rate

If GetOEMLED(801) Then 'ON = English Measure INCH
Code "(Material Offset is Now Calculated in Inches)" 'puts this message in the status bar
Else 'OFF = Metric Measure MM
Code "(Material Offset is Now Calculated in mm's)" 'puts this message in the status bar
End If

If CurrentAbsInc = 0 Then 'if G91 was in effect before then return to it
Code "G91"
End If

Call SetOEMDRO(59,XScale)
Call SetOEMDRO(60,YScale)
Call SetOEMDRO(61,ZScale)

If Not FileName() = "No File Loaded." Then
   If GetOEMLED(1865) Then
      MsgBox "Start Spindle, then press OK to Continue",48,"Start Spindle"
   End If
   DoOEMButton(1000) ' Cycle Start
End If

End Sub               

Fusion 360 will program in your offsets if you ask. And even different non identical parts. It took me a wee while to work out how to do it but once the light comes on it all appears nice and easy. Looking through the G Code it produces exactly what you need.

I would like to machine multiple components over G54 55 56 etc. If I use the 2010 auto tool Z zero it only works for the G54 offset. The tool will then plow through the other G55 56 57 or it will miss after a tool change unless the works are all at the same heights

I think I may have posted prior but does anyone know how to carry the auto tool zeroand change function over multiple G code offsets?

Or do I need to learn how to write a brain or change the code for 2010 which is a very cool screen

Does anyone know how to carry over an auto tool zero, with the fixed plate, mach 3 2010, to multiple G offsets?

I set my pieces (four) up all with their own G coordinates for the X and Y. All good no problem. Thinking that if I had them all on the same Z level, then the toolchange during the G54 initial setup would carry through to the G55-G57. But they do not, they hold their own, and the new tool goes straight through the work, or begins over the top on the offset pieces.

So does anyone know how to utilise the 2010 auto tool zero function through multiple offsets with multiple tool changes throughout an op? It would be SOOOOO cool to be able to do this. Next best thing to an ATC.

Mach 3 2010. Sometimes I machine parts that are high on my table up on top of a vice etc. On this, during the first tool change, the tool, on its way down to the fixed plate, will time out and just bump as if its hit the plate (but it hasn't)  but its 50mm or so too high. Kind of like as if its timed out. If I raise the fixed plate 80mm or so its fine but thats a pain. Because I dont find out until it happens.

Does anyone know how to change this or stop the Z from doing this?

Ok. So no need to reply here. I just read another forum about this. And it appears to be a bug in Mach 3 with the MDI function. I did what the other bloke did and escape out of the MDI function and it doesnt lock up.

I am torn though, I only paid a small amount for Mach 3. It would be cool to see this bug fixed but I have had a WHOLE lot of use out of it already. I done know how anyone else feels about paying for Mach 3. There is a software that I use for home theatre. Everytime they release a new version they offer it out at twenty bucks.

Hey guys I cant seem to fix this one. If I go to the probe screen, and select ANY of the G code fixtures, 54, 55, 56, it doesnt matter. Trying to return to the main screen Mach 3 dissappears.

I have actually reinstalled the software - perhaps I need to look at coimpletely deleting the profile and rebuilding that?

So when it all happens I got a dialog error box that would pop up for about 0.25 seconds which I filmed. It says " Error Found . Art Code 9988. Attempt recovery?" but then boom - its all gone. Although I do know Mach 3 is still running in the background.

Oh and I reset my steps per rev to 400 just incase that was the fault. Hmmm. What to do..... what to do....

When I go to the probing screen, if I dont even probe anything. Select G55, if I try to return to the main screen. I lose Mach 3. The last time, I thought I would backup. Being lazy I just copy the whole Mach 3 folder in my C drive. It wouldnt copy because it said "probe diag" is still in use. I installed a Fusion probing extension to the post processor a while ago perhaps its that.

I can probe and set G54. But anything to do with G55 is a problem.

I was also wondering if its because I have set the steps per 5mm to 400.2632 because of my Chinese screws that are not accurate? But in the end, I can probe out some edges on G54, zero them, and then select G55 on the main screen to zero that.

But its all weird.

Gerry so do you mean position where I want to change my tool. Hit the Goto Toolchange button, and whilst its moving to the original toolchange position it will zero? Sorry I didnt get that.

Also. This is something I cant work out. If I am in the 2010 probing screen. I have been trying to zero out my G55. G56. So if I am in the probing screen. I bring the machine into say G55. Probe my edges. If I "Return to Mach 3" button. Mach 3 just disappears. I cant find it by "Alt Tab". It shows in the processes screen. But its pretty much gone, unuseable. Only way to sort is to actually force the computer to shut down. I have reinstalled and still happens. This is only in anything above G54.

Seen that before?

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