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 I took your advice, uninstalled completely, rebooted, then reinstalled.
No luck there.

I took the old PC I used to run the machine with and tried running a few tool paths, same thing happened.
It looks like it's going to be in the breakout board.

Do you have any advice on troubleshooting a breakout board?
Nothing appears to be burnt or discolored.


The .crv is too large to upload. If anyone wants to have a look, I can email it to you.

Thanks again



 My machine stopped in the middle of a job the other day, now I am having problems. It isn't cutting to the correct depth, and leaving material that should be removed.
While running a V-carve / Engraving toolpath, instead of removing everything between the lines, it is making arcs instead.

I have noticed since the machine stopped the other day, now I get a message on boot up, "Mach3 - System Error - Enable40.dll is missing".
I have reinstalled Mach3, and tried copying a new Enable40.dll to the Mach3 directory, still get the message. Mach3 will launch and run, not sure what this .dll does, or if it is causing the issue.

I double and triple checked that the bench top is milled flat, work piece is uniformly flat and clamped down, and the Z axis is zeroed to the work piece.
The bit is 90 degree, and has a new/sharp insert blade, centered in the collet, and has no play.
I have let the entire toolpath run, to be sure there wasn't a second pass to clean up, there wasn't.

I've used this toolpath many times before with great results, and have regenerated it just to be sure. Still cuts the same.

The PC I use for the CNC has Win7 32 bit, with video card that has 512mb of dedicated ram. It is connected to the breakout box with a serial cable.

I will post some pictures showing the problem, and will try to upload the .crv, incase anyone has the time and wants to run it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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