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We're surfacing the spoilboard today, and the task immediately following will be to engineer our clamping system to secure material to the table. I am not certain of the terminology I should be using, and I would like to find a specialized resource to look at our options. Can someone direct us to a website or store that would carry the types of clamps/pressure feet we need to evaluate? What is the proper terminology?

We're up and running. Spoilboard tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your assistance!

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I've been playing with the offsets and the soft limits and I think we've got that figured out now too. Previous questions regarding our discussion of the Z remain. Thanks so much!

- I

Okay, I have made recommended changes to the Z and it is now "zeroing" properly. To be clear, when we Ref All Home the Z axis never moves, only the X and Y. You mentioned hitting the Ref Z button - I can't find anything like that. Did you just mean Zero Z?

As for the g-code, what limits screen are you referring to? We have not established any work offsets and as far as the Offsets tab goes, the DRO's are all 0.000

Hey everyone thank you so much for your feedback. I think between all the different comments, we were able to wrap our heads around what was happening with regards to Table Display, homing and soft limits. I have attached a screenshot of our new settings.The table is now behaving mostly as expected after selecting both Reversed and Home Negative for X, Y and A, and reversing the Z. We've set some pretty conservative soft limits for the time being while we experiment.

There are a couple questions outstanding now. The first is regarding the Z. I have tried to Zero the Z to Machine coordinates in our upper limit, but it will not "zero", instead displaying on the DRO where it believes it is at. When machine coordinates are not selected, we can zero the Z value, but how does this correspond to our soft limits?

The second question is regarding running Gcode. The table display shows now in correspondence to our soft limits, but when we load G code, it is still outside of the table limits and I cant figure out how to move the toolpath within those limits. I have jogged the axes around and regenerated the toolpath, but it never moves the drawing within the table limits, it always stays on the bottom left corner outside of the limits. What am I misunderstanding?

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« on: November 22, 2013, 09:58:21 AM »
I can only speak to a couple of these comments without being in front of the machine:

1. We do not have a limit switch on the Z but we do have a limit switches everywhere else. I have tried to establish soft limits and enable the "Safe Z" feature but it does not affect the travel of the Z.

2. I did at one point think we might have the axes reversed, but when I clicked Home Neg on X Axis settings, it decoupled the slaved A (X Home) axis and torqued the gantry as the x and x home motors moved in opposite directions. We had to replace the gantry riser plate, as it bent the steel.

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Here is the link to view or download our XML profile:


We anticipate the router will see some long run times and a significant amount of use, so we're not sure what we need to shoot for yet, but I think purchasing a starter router is not out of the question. Thanks for the suggestion!

- I

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« on: November 21, 2013, 02:06:12 PM »
Ah, I see. I'll have to upload that this evening.

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Thanks Hood for your reply. I've included the link to the XML.


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