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Then when I put the auto installer file into mach3 and click on it. Mach3 opens normally and there is no sign of it recognizing the UC100

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This is what it says when I click on the auto setup file

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Is the M3P file "UCx00 automatic installer application" or do I have the wrong one? To change it to a .dll do I just click on it?

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I just tried doing that and when I clicked on it on the desktop it came up with an error saying "corrupt install, no license found. Aborting." (I have paid for the license and it shows at the top of Mach3 that it's registered) after that error goes away, a heap of files appear on the desktop. Maybe I am supposed to transfer these files to Mach3?

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I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right. Nothing comes up when i plug it in and open Mach3. When I download the file i just move it to the Mach3 folder don't I? 

Ok, so I deleted the old file, downloaded another (UCx00 automatic installer application) Put it in the Mach3 file, started Mach3 and still nothing..... I'm nearly tearing my hair out!! haha

Okay I'll give it a go. I will let you know how i go. Thanks for your help so far!

The DLL is listed in Mach3 folder too.

No it doesn't show up in the config plugins 

Yes I've done the first steps but with the driver downloaded, UC100 plugged in and then open Mach3 it does nothing. The screen to choose the control device does not come up and there are no other changes to Mach3.

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