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duhhhh it can not be that easy!!

going back to bed!!!


I am hoping someone can help me understand what some of my settings in mach 3 need to be.

The information I have about the ball screw is :
    “The screws are metric 5mm pitch which works out to 5.08TPI.”


NEMA 23 Frame,
KL23H2100-50-8B 570 oz In.
Hybrid Stepper Motor
1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.
5 Amps Current ( Bipolar Parallel),
8-wire, Bi-polar or Unipolar 1/4" dual shaft
    Microstepping Driver Microstepping Driver

The formula as I understand it :
  Steps per rev (200) x microstep (?????) x TPI (5.08) =  steps per inch

I cant seem to figure out or understand how to find out the actual steps, since the driver only has a ¼ or 1/8 switch selection.

Confused. Any help appreciated

going to assume you have never seen this either? g0704.com

sorry dont have a clue what a G0704 is.

SmoothSteppers are from the USA.


really? I hope your kidding :D


basically its a BF20 with a 27" Bed

My problem with purchasing from Europe is mostly the time delay and shipping costs.   While I live in Canada, its a 30 minute drive to the border and  it costs me like 10$ in fuel, and 9 times out of ten, shipping is free.  Where as ordering anything In Canada  , US, China or Europe I always get nailed with 50-90$ in shipping costs, then add Taxes and duties. then something the UPS guys call brokerage fee's :D

AKA Cash Grab.

so, I tend to buy stuff from the US and drive and get it, much less hassles :D.

also you mention

"If it is just a simple stepper driven machine"
Basically, I am converting a G0704 to a CnC mill for a friend of mine, and trying make all the right choices. 

so if I can make this assumption, what i will need.  is the
1 - Ethernet Controller
3 - Drivers  (havent decided on any particular model)
3 - Stepper motors (thinking 527oz 5am)
1 Power Supply  (48v 12.5A)

The irony is, 2 days after selling my X2, My buddy swings by with a small project and after I told him I sold mine, he wants me to make him one. so bonus for me.

I am wondering,  Does anyone have some experience  Ethernet based controllers? I really would like to better understand the whole thing.

What I need, how its different, what works with what ...

I am super paranoid about spending a grand to find out I bought the wrong thing :)

Hood, I really appreciate the links you posted.  and I am gathering as much as I can, but since I am on the other side of the pond,  (Canada) some of those you posted dont help me much.  I tried to find a "G0704 BUILD" that used an Ethernet based controller, but I have had no luck.

I am going to likely error on the side of using a Printer port, because I have heard  about issues with USB, but if ANYONE has a link or a doc that sorta covers it. I would be sooo sooo appreciative.


I still need to play with the mill a bit, ran out of time last night.

but if I can ask this,  is your explanation of "D8 TO A8 then A7 to D7 etc."  what your saying is the normal?

Maybe I am just expecting things incorrectly,    In my head, I see the drill bit moving like it was reading a book.  A1 -> B1, then B2 -> A2, then A3 -> B3.

But if I read what your saying, I have some core expectation that are wrong, which is good, because it makes sense why things are happening outside my expectation.

Well at least I am learning ;D

Probably going to be going into work this weekend, so not sure how much play time I am going to get. 

I love this hobby!

ok, its possibly because I am total newb to Machining. but let me ask you this question this way.

Ok, so my Mill is an X2, which really means that my table moves.

so, If I draw a box in BobCad, then put a pocket in it.

So based on my code
Its my understanding, that the table will move in what ever direction it takes, to put the bit at B1,  then Cut to A1,  then move down a bit to  A2, then cut till it reaches B2 , then move down, and so on and so on till it reaches D 8.

    A                                             B
1  *********************************************************************************X   1
2  *********************************************************************************X   2
3  *********                                         XX  3
4  *********                                         XX  4
5  *********                                         XX  5
6  *********                                         XX  6
7  *********************************************************************************X   7
8  *********************************************************************************X   8
   C                                              D

is this a fair representation of whats going to happen?

Hahaha  auto correct on my phone!!!!!

I meant  g code

Could you post your guide.  Just so I can see the differece?

Please and thanks

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