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John Murphy from Guelph Ontario Canada. I have a custom CNC shop in the city. I cut wood, plastics, foams, composites and non ferrous metals.

I run an AXYZ 5010 router, and I also have a small Chinese laser that I use for odd jobs. The original circuit board gave out(as they do) so I am retrofitting the machine with one of Chriscircuits replacement boards(Can't say enough positive about Chris. Great product, excellent support) The retrofit is what brought me to Mach3. So far I'm impressed with the product, service and forum support. I still have to find away to due raster engraving using Mach3.

I host a meeting of CNC users here in Guelph, usually once a year. It is an informal gathering, but very informative. We have some great presenters coming, and we're looking forward to seeing new ideas. There is no real cost to attend. I ask that the attendees cover the cost of the meal at the end of the day. Bring a chair as well.

This years meeting is going to be held on August 10,2013. If you are interested in attending, send me an e-mail at the shop john@jmurphycnc.ca

Hi Tweakie.

Thank for the prompt reply,especially on a Sunday.

I opened the control up and checked all the wiring. It looks like it may have been a loose connection in the one of the home switches. It appears that the axis do now lock. I was pulling my hair out over this, but I really should have checked the simple stuff first.

I've been programming and running CNC for 25 years, and I find this control very easy to work with. You've done anexcellent job incorporating all the features that users like me need.

As soon as I get this raster problem sorted out, I'm going to be purchasing a full licence.

Thank again for the excellent support!


I am currently refurbishing my cheap Chinese laser. I am using a demo copy of Mach3(I do intend to purchase the full licence if I can get the laser to work). I had the machine working and tuned the motores, and ran a short test program, and everything seemed to be working as expected. I do allot of engraving for promotional items, and would really like to be able to use raster engraving to do the lettering.

Yesterday I downloaded the Laser raster plugin, and attempted to get that working. I received the #9991 error, so I tried to use the Special driver to see if it would work. I didn't have much luck, and now the machine will not move at all.

I uninstalled Mach3, and re installed to see if that would correct things, but had no success.

The DRO's change when I press the arrow keys, but there is no movement of the axis. One thing I did notice, is that when the Laser was working properly(before I messed it up) the axis would lock when power was turned on. Now I can move them with my fingers.

I've rechecked the setting in both the output, and input configurations, and I can't see any problems.

If anyone has had this problem before, can you kindly suggest a way to fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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