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I am a bit new to this. I have the Sherline 2010 CNC Mill and I am using the Mach3. I have a small problem with the Motor Tuning config.
As testing, I drew a cylendar with internal diameter of 45 mm, outside diameter 50 mm (thickness 5 mm) and height 10 mm. I converted the drwaing into G-Code, and I checked the code and it matched my drawing sizes. My problem is when I ran the G-code on the Mill using a PVC board, I found that the drawing was smaller in size by a couple of mm's. After too much troubleshooting, I found that the problem was related to the Motor Tuning configuration. I tried playing with the  numbers and the size changed (+/-).
Does anyone know the exact numbers to use in order to get an exact milling to the drawing??
Not: My step motor is: 200 steps/rev, Leadscrew is 1 mm thread pitch.
Any help would be highly appreciated

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