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Thanks Russ,
     After reading the link, I realized I am going to need to redo the main screen somehow. If I am going to use a mouse click as apposed to a keystroke, I may as well keep it like it is. I would much rather just look at the screen and it already be there as part of the screen. I am using an Xbox controller with my machine. I have, (Cycle Jog Step) assigned to it as well as (Jog Mode) and (Feed Over Ride). So when I'm setting up tools I have to use the keyboard, mouse, and the controller. I've been doing it this way for a long time now and am use to it, but would be nice if I could eliminate a few steps. As I look at the main screen I see that I never use the (Tool Information), or the (Spindle Speed) section. I do not need the (Slow Jog Rate), (Button Jog), or the top portion of the pendent on the main screen, just the (Jog Mode) and the (Cycle Jog Step). Am I biting off more then I can chew here? LOL


Hello all,
     I've not posted here in a while; in fact I haven't done much work with my machines as I work long hours now machining very large jet engine parts. I'm really just a baby sitter for 12 hours a night. lol
     Anyway, I have an older version Mach3 and am fine with it other then I would like to change the main screen. I would like to have the tool increments screen (the Tab button on the keyboard) somewhere on the main screen. I could eliminate the spindle section and not miss it at all. Could someone please address this with me please?

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year
Thank you,


Hi guy's,
Thanks for the nice comment, and yes, it is made of aluminum. 6061 as I recall. I would like to have it hard anodised some time, but it works great as it is for the small projects I do.

Doing this these kinds of projects are very rewording, and it's nice to know that others can appreciate them as well.

Thank you all for your kind words.


Hello all,

Here are a few pictures of my new milling vise. It is very much like the Sherline milling vise, only bigger. The idea behind it is so I can make pocket jaws to hold irregular shaped, multi-operation parts. The jaws can be flipped over to make more pockets. When I make a fresh set of jaws, I drill and ream two .125 holes for dowel pins. After pinning the jaws, I machine them together to be a matched set. This makes reloading the jaws extremely simple, and accurate. I like to machine a tramming hole on the stationary jaw. I also make jaws out of cast acrylic. it's cheaper, easier, quicker, and works just about as well.
Thank's for looking!



I have attached a few photo's of my 4th axis / lathe unit for my Taig mill. The variable AC motor is only temporary, to fast and not enough toque. But OK for the plastic an very light aluminum work I have done.


Hi John,

Actually, the motor's bolt to the rear plate, (outside the housing) you just can't tell from the photo's. I plan on making a spindle brake inside the housing so when milling, the spindle will not move. Are you interested in doing some thing like this also?

I'm not sure what you mean by driving extra weight? When I use the set up as a rotary/-indexing lathe, I use a NEMA 34 stepper (260 oz/in) with belt and timing pulleys. For now I use a motor from a rotary tool with gear reduction (belt and timing pulleys) to do lathe work. I will admit up front, I am not anywhere near my level in CNC lathe as I am in CNC mill. But that's only because I don't do it very much. At my day job, I design, develop, and produce proto type infrared cameras for a small company. I take the electronic components and draw them into my PC, and then design the housing and all the brackets, etc., around them. Then I just machine from my cad drawings.


Hi John,

I did make the adaptor plate, and it worked well. Sorry I haven’t posted pictures yet..... I bought a 4x4 quad in early spring and have been out in the mountains every weekend. So my set up set’s patiently waiting for winter. I'll take some photo's of the setup as well as the new vise I made at work.




I covered that in my description. My milling plate, 4th axis, and tailstock have a guide block bolted to the under side that runs the length of each unit’s base, and slip fits the center “T-slot” of the table. I do not believe there is any way the 4th axis and the tailstock could not be in alignment with each other and the milling table. Look closely at the 4th axis photo; you will notice the guide block end in the center t-slot. It runs from front to rear of the 4th axis base plate. Even if a cap screw loosens, all the pieces are press fit into a .025 deep slot, which will prevent movement. As are the guide blocks.
    I tend to over engineer things, and yes it does take me longer to complete an attachment project. But from that point forward I become more efficient.

Thanks for commenting,


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