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Thanks Area51,

Looking forward to next release.


Ref dead zone,
I dont know how to workout percentages but the numbers stack up as follows as measured as raw dats from my microsoft xbox wireless gamepad.

If one end reads 00000
the other end reads 65000
I would like NO OPERATION between 26000 and 39000. ( this gives a margin, see below )

(When released to go to center on its own from 0 end reading is 27000
When released to go to center on its own from 65000 end reading is 38000)

( these joysticks are fairley crap at mechanical self centering )

As Madtooker suggests perhaps there could be 3 different percentages selectable ( only a suggestion )

Thanks in advance and for listning, very much apperciated...


Thanks for quick reply.
Yes I have run the caliibration prog.
It is a known problem with the Microsoft xbos wireless games pad for PC that there is no dead zone adjustment.
As it works okay with the ART-FENERTY VER 1.0A plugin with no drift and a good dead zone area, I was hoping it would work okay with the JOAKIM HJORT version  ( need the buttons !! ). But no luck

Thanks in advance to any advive or fixes that can be offered.


A bit more information regarding the dead zone or lack of it on microsoft xbox wireless x360 game pad for PC.
If I select from plugins the ART-FENERTY VER 1.0A controller ( this only has 2 axes and no button control ) then the sticks perform perfectly with a correct amount of dead zone,( no drifting of dro's ) but selecting from plugin the JOAKIM HJORT version and I am back to drifting of DRO'S with no dead zone.
Hope this is of use to someone out there who may be able to help...


I have been successfully with a saitek rumble game pad. Using X Y Z and various key presses.

Perhaps a slight mod would be after using joystick in incremental step that it resorts to continuos mode and not stay in step mode, this would allow the key board keys to move axes normal and not in step mode.

I have now purchased a Microsoft wireless xbox360 game pad.
Apart from all the buttons being mapped in totally different places the major problem is DEAD ZONE for joysticks.
There is NO dead zone on this game pad. ie the dro s continually drift.
I have searched Internet for dead zone and it would appear this is a major problem with Microsoft wireless Xbox 360 game pad.
Does anyone have cure for this or know how to change dead zone from within joy program ?
The plan is to strip all bits out of pad and put in dedicated box with proper Switches .
Thanks for any help in advance.


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