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General Mach Discussion / Re: hola ... Mr BLaaCK is BaCK xD
« on: April 26, 2013, 01:37:58 PM »
thank you a lot Mr Tweakie your post was sooooo helpful ;) mmmm i am in kind of Miserable sitution because there is no time left for me to the presentation day and i need to show them somthing  :'(
i was thinking to show them that " 2 old cd drives idea " with any controling system the important thing is to show them the basic idea of the cnc machine ^^ ..... they gave the project with this name " controling cnc machine " ... duration " 2 months " ... is that possible ? .... our education system is Corrupt ... and this time i am the victim =) .... thanks again MR tweakie ... i wish life will give me more time to be here in this nice forum with nice people like you not for a graduating project but for the joy of science ! 

General Mach Discussion / hola ... Mr BLaaCK is BaCK xD
« on: April 26, 2013, 06:27:40 AM »
hey everyone  i'm getting progress in my study project thanks to Mr Brett and the others ^^
i have some questions if you don't mind :p
1- i want see & study the signal of the mach3 from the parallal port pins  in the oscilloscope is that possible in the demo version ? ... in fact i have tried but i saw an odd signal ! like this .... ! !   !!     !!    !! !   ! !! !  (sorry for the bad Representation with the Exclamation marks hhh )  ... i thought that the signal is a pulses  ... is it cuz of the demo version ? ... is there another way to see the signal in the pc ? wth protus isis or anything like that ?
2- i have watched a video on youtube about making a simple home made cnc machine with 2 old cd drives ... can i contole it wth mach3 ? how if that possible ^^
thx a lot i apreciate your help ^^ ...
ah i almost forgot this is the video link :

Hey guys - didn't you see the sign on the way in? - it says - "Please don't feed the trolls"

My english is not so good ^^ ... but blv me i'm jst a poor student want to complete my graduating project then i will never study again ! =)

Blacky it would serve you well to start using real words instead of webspeak jibberish. IF you really want help that is.

Just a thought, (;-) TP
thank you brother even your post was out the subject but still thank you =)

Hey Blacky, lets play Simon Say's . That's a old game where you move as  told by someone.
So it is with Gcode, you give the command to the computer and the computer tells the drive to send pulses
to the motor.
Simons says G0 Fast...... G0 is a rapid move
Simons says G1 slow ......G1 is a move at some rate  G1 F20   So go at 20 inches per minute
Simons says G0 X22  so go fast in the X direction
Simon says G0 X22 Y22  So go as fast as you can in the X &Y direction
Simons says G4 P10....G4 is a dwell ( take a break for 10 seconds ) 
Thus Simon said to me G4 P1000000..........I really have to go bad so see ya tomorrow after i rest some ::)

Hope you get it ...... :)
thank you a lot <3 it was verry helpfull ^^

You have axis of motion.  Just imagine everything is on a grid.  Your simply telling the machine what point on the grid to go to.  This link will help too.



thank you verry much Mr Brett ^^

thx a lot Mr brettt ^^ even i didn't understand a word u said when u begin talkn abt gcode " speak english man hhhh xD " but i really appreciate ur reply thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much ^^ i'm googling g-code but i'm so lost in " the lot of info sea " and confused abt what is the bst book for a beginner like me ^^ thank u for the info abt the usb adapter u saved me man ! =))

jst say u r wlcm at least :'(

hey everybody as u see i'm so new here ! :p i'm a poor electronic student :'( i need help & Advice from u bros and siss plz don't let me down :')
my professor asked me to do some things but i couldn't its about my gradution project .. my project title is " command de machine cnc " in french of course :'( hmmm he asked me simple things like making simple g-code examples but he didn't ask me if i no the g-code or not :'(
i'm downloading books abt that can i get some help ? i want the g-code for a easy examples like a stright line on the X axes 0 on Y and 0 on Z ,  then another g-code program for a strght line on Y axe 0 in X and 0 on Z , then another strght line on Z axe . the last example is a circle in XY plan i guess ^^ idk how to do this really i will Appreciate that ^^
 i hv a lap top wth no parallel port and i want to study the out going  signals can i use a usb-parallel converter ?  i want to no the form of the signals in each pin of the parallel port for each axe i want to no what pins are working wth X axes , Y axes and Z Axs is this possible ? i don't have an oscilloscope is there a way to make this study on simulation way like using ISIS protus or TINA ?
plllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzz helllllpppp mmmmmmeeeememememememememem :'(((((((

Tutorials / Re: Video Tutorials for Mach
« on: March 01, 2013, 05:26:44 AM »
hey ppl ^^ pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzeeeee hhhhheeeelppp mmmmmeeeeeemee i want to download all the videos  in here http://www.machsupport.com/videos/  i have tried so many programes but i couldn't =( pleaaaaaaaaaaaaazeee help me !!!! i will suicied here if u don't :p
plz ='(

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