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Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: Khadgar's DIY CNC machine
« on: January 29, 2013, 12:50:51 PM »
Thanks. my first few designs we're pretty much crappy. I came to this design by talking with a guy who owns small company(5-10 people working) that builds you could say DIY CNC machines. First my plan was to have two ball screws for X axis but that guy said it's waste of money and he suggested that i put X screw under the "table". Rest i copied their design cause it was only logical thing to do.  :P I added some support made from iron L-profiles  for working table that for start will be from MDF.
All parts on picture will be from alumium(ofc except screws and linear shafts). Gantry(Y+Z axis) will be around 15kg that is reason i didn't made it wider. I already said in my first post i will use this for hobby or some small business so i went for maximizing working area cause i don't have room for big machine. Here is link to that company http://www.cnc-centar.com.hr/strojevi.html they only got croatian language but pictures say everything.

I'm still not sure what electronic i will use. So faar i found a lot of 3 axis kits on ebay for 40-60$(motors not included) that suits me fine for start.Maybe later i will build PICstep driver from Alan Garfield i got 90% mats for it and my hope is should be better then ebay one. Then i need to find some decent break out board to use it with PICstep.

So faar since my first post i haven't moved very faar. I'm playing ping-pong with guy in that company i send them planes in DXF file and he said send me in corel,then i load DXF to corel and he says file is empty... Last week i draw parts in corel(and i suck when it comes to drawing in corel) and still no reply. I guess i'll need to sit in my car, bring inox shaft i plan to use for linear guides and knock with it on he's door.  >:D

Hello Ger21. i'm a bit new to forum and to all CNC stuff but last couple of days been searching for some good looking mach3 screens. First time i installed mach i was  :o and since then i cooled a bit but still don't like how it looks. How far did you progress with making windows-look-a-like mach3 screen,is there some working version of it? I'm in process of making my own DIY cnc machine so i'm checking in advance program support so when i finish cnc i can start to practice on real material.

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Khadgar's DIY CNC machine
« on: December 16, 2012, 05:05:58 AM »
Hello everybody, i signed to this forum yesterday cause i decided it's a bit time to consult with people who have build their own cnc machines and not just look pictures of cnc machines and consult with only myself about design.  ;D
I have changed 3-4 different designs from really complicated ones to simpler and easier to make and hopefully this last one will be really last before i start to order some parts. Good thing is when you are a bit limited with money you do thinking first and work later so i'm hoping i avoided most stupid mistakes from earlier designs.

Here is latest and i'm hoping last design i made,worktable is fixed while tool will be moving,so that X axis motor will break a lot of sweat to start moving gantry. I made this in CATIA and calculated weight is around 20kg's.

So faar i got only linear bearings cause i was lucky to find them really cheap. Every other part especialy ballscrews won't be that cheap...
This little machine is supposed to have working area around 450x650x200mm. Plan is make it for cutting wood,plastic,aluminium maybe some other metals but i doubt. And last but not less making PCB's. As you can see it should be all-rounder cause i love DIY stuff and i'm building my own hi-fi audio stuff for hobby/fun and i just like to do everything from scratch so all-rounder is needed.

This is for start, i'm hoping in next couple of weeks i'll place order to some small company that makes cnc machines to make me aluminium parts for X,Y axis so finally some assembling will be done.

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