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General Mach Discussion / X-Y Axis movement on Reset
« on: October 20, 2012, 09:47:51 PM »
I running some 251 Geckos with Mach3. After a RESET, when I hit RESET to get things going again, the steppers will give me the little bump sound, but sometimes will also move a small amount. It's not consistant, usually about .004" or less, but has been as much as .010". It's always in the same direction - negative. The DRO on the screen never changes. I have not tried to see if the STOP/START buttons react the same. This is not something new. It has always done it, but has not been a problem. Now that I'm learning more, it is a problem. I'm pretty much a rookie with Mach3 and CNC on this home built machine, but so far it's been working pretty well. Any ideas on how to solve this issue or is it normal?  

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