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Thanks Hood!

I have attached my XML file.

My drivers test says excellent.  Is there anything else I need to look for when watching the test?

Also what is the correct start up order?

Currently I fire up my computer, run the drivers test, start Mach3, and turn on my machine and control.  Is this correct?

Thanks again for all your help!



Thanks for the reply.  I was able to complete a run today but had to cut the feed rate to 50%.  The funny part is it seems to be taking the same run time as it did on 100% with the last setup.  Again all that has changed is a new identical motherboard and a new video card.  Not sure if this info helps at all.

A new problem that came up this morning:

My motors would not sync up.  I had to turn the power on and off several times until all three connected.  I have a had this happen in the past but not for a long time.  Any ideas?

I really appreciate all of your help.  I picked this machine up to get back to machining here in my shop.  I am drilling simple bolt patterns right now and am afraid to tackle anything more complex until I can work some of these bugs out. 



Well, I was able to find part of the problem.  The port was turned off.  I turned that on but am not sure if the settings are correct.  Machines starts up and homes great.  When I run the program I have been running before the new motherboard, it can't seem to stay on path and crashes.  When I cut the feed rate in half it runs the program without problems.  I am running Windows XP.  I am not sure if I have the parallel port set up correctly?

Any ideas?



I purchased a machine a while back and it has been working great until it developed a limit switch triggered problem.  That came and went for a while and the motherboard went.  I replaced the motherboard and now I am not sure where to start.

My machine is a knee mill that the previous owner setup to be controlled with Mach 3. 

I replaced the motherboard and the video card and was thinking I would be back up and running using my existing settings.  Now when I fire my machine up, my drives are all engaged but my home and limit switches are all lit up for all three axis. 

Can someone please tell me where to start?  I am in the middle of a production run and need to gett back up and running.  I would love to be able to talk to someone about the setup I have so I understand it better. 

Please help???



General Mach Discussion / Re: looking for a little help in MN
« on: December 05, 2012, 07:58:50 PM »
Wow, not one response???

General Mach Discussion / looking for a little help in MN
« on: December 05, 2012, 12:39:01 AM »
I am wondering if there is any Mach 3 users here in MN?  I am looking for some help to get up and running and thought it might be better to try to find someone close?

I seem to have everything up and running but am sure thing could be done better.

I currently have a very simple gcode file that is not running correct on my machine.  It may just be the way the code was written but not sure.  If anyone would be willing to take a look please let me know.  I am at a loss until I can figure out what is going on here.



Problem fixed!!! thanks!!!

Thank you!  There was two files that had the XML extension.  One was called mack3mill and the other was mycnc.  I asumed the mycnc file was the one the previous owner used.

I will try the other file.

Thanks again,


I just purchased a knee mill cnc running Mach3 sofftware.  I needed to get a new computer due to the original one haveing numerous viruses.  I have a couple of problems that I ran into that I have been havving trouble finding the answers to:

First I set up the new computer and downloaded Mach3 and did the install.  I copied the XML file and copied it over to the the new computer.  Hooked the computer up to the machine and am able to jog in all directions but my home and limit switches are not working.  They did work prior to switching to the new computer.  Was there another files or files I needed to copy over?

Your help is greatly appriciated!  I did some playing around with this set up before switching out the computer and am very impressed so far.  I need to get to the point of loading in some tool paths as soon as possible.



Just joined and looking forward to get my new machine up and running.  I just purchased this Saeilo SNV-3 which is set up using Mach3 software.  Been a few years since I have done any operating and programming.  Really could use some info on this machine as not much is available on the web.


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