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Ok I get it now so I will try this again, go by the name of Joe, a Home shop down in south Florida, a total newbie to CNC, Mach III, and all of that there. Was searching site and decided to join up. Be talking at you all soon.

I was noticing that as of this writing we have 2795 members and have only heard from a couple of hundred and an even smaller number of regular posters.

So if you are new around here please post and introduce your self.  You could give a little on your background, hobbies , how you ended up here, whatever!

This is a site to help with mach. There is a great talent pool here already but this is a community driven site and we would love to hear from the silent masses ;)

So stand up and say hi!!



Hey all another newbie here, Home Shop down in South Florida, just gettin started filled with more questions than answers, was searching the site for an answer to one of the many riddles that confound me. Be talking at you all soon maybe one day I may have an answer or two

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