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General Mach Discussion / Re: quick question re axis formulas
« on: August 02, 2012, 11:30:32 PM »

I've managed to confirm that axis formulas operate relative to the work offset rather than machine coordinate system :( sadly this renders non linear table correction useless. Back to the drawing board.

General Mach Discussion / quick question re axis formulas
« on: August 02, 2012, 05:14:30 AM »
can anyone tell me if the axis formula(s) operate from machine coordinates or from G54 offset?

General Mach Discussion / Re: How far can I push axis formulas?
« on: July 23, 2012, 07:29:44 PM »
oh okay, i started looking at specifics with cypress etc. I will no doubt look through more code so as to stand on the shoulders of giants so to speak.

originally my formula was much shorter but after doing propper measurements and plotting them on a graph i discovered that the deflection curve shape was a "bell" rather than a simple curve but now I'm thinking to accept the +/- 0.01 mm that I'm chasing through the higher level equation and take my time learning the deeper mysteries of mach3.

oh.... is mach4 slated for release? as best i could tell its not quite a ship on the horrizon.

General Mach Discussion / Re: How far can I push axis formulas?
« on: July 23, 2012, 09:00:29 AM »
lol Im sensing a trend.
I plan to fix, its a priority.
Hey thanks for sharing the code, it looks like mach3 has a fair few hooks for vb just at a glance. Ill give it a spin since it doesn't look to different from what Im used to working with.

General Mach Discussion / Re: How far can I push axis formulas?
« on: July 22, 2012, 10:44:44 AM »
its good exersise ;)

General Mach Discussion / How far can I push axis formulas?
« on: July 22, 2012, 07:46:09 AM »
Im wanting to attempt something of a large equation and in axis formulas and wondering if anyone has tried something like this.

this is what it looks like in code with variables, it would get a bit longer (lol) without the variables due to repetition. Am I barking out the wrong tree?

for iy in 1 to 10 do
   for ix in 1 to 10 do
      Ymax = 10
      Xmax = 10
      Tx = x/Xmax
      Ty = y/Ymax
      X_1a= 0.0
      X_1b= 5.0
      X_1c= 0.0
      X_3a= 20.0
      X_3b= 500.0
      X_3c= 10.0
      X_5a= 5.0
      X_5b= 200
      X_5c= 10.0
      X_2a= X_3a*0.1+X_1a
      X_4a= X_3a*0.1+X_5a
      X_2b= X_3b*0.1+X_1b
      X_4b= X_3b*0.1+X_5b
      X_2c= X_3c*0.1+X_1c
      X_4c= X_3c*0.1+X_5c
      Y_1= (1.0-Tx)^4.0*X_1a+4.0*(1.0-Tx)^3*Tx*X_2a+4*(1.0-Tx)^2*Tx^2*X_3a+4.0*(1.0-Tx)*Tx^3*X_4a+Tx^4*X_5a
      Y_3 =(1.0-Tx)^4.0*X_1b+4.0*(1.0-Tx)^3*Tx*X_2b+4*(1.0-Tx)^2*Tx^2*X_3b+4.0*(1.0-Tx)*Tx^3*X_4b+Tx^4*X_5b
      Y_5 =(1.0-Tx)^4.0*X_1c+4.0*(1.0-Tx)^3*Tx*X_2c+4*(1.0-Tx)^2*Tx^2*X_3c+4.0*(1.0-Tx)*Tx^3*X_4c+Tx^4*X_5c
      Y_2 = Y_3*0.01+Y_1
      Y_4 = Y_3*0.01+Y_5
      zPos =(1.0-Ty)^4.0*Y_1+4.0*(1.0-Ty)^3*Ty*Y_2+4*(1.0-Ty)^2*Ty^2*Y_3+4.0*(1.0-Ty)*Ty^3*Y_4+Ty^4*Y_5
      Point pos:[ix*10,iy*10,zPos] size:1
 this code makes an array of points using a modified bezier equation in 3DSmax. Im also thinking of ways to shorten it but keep on wishing for arbitrary variables.

Is is possible to do this with VB, I've not tried my hand with that so I don't really know how difficult it would be.

no worries :)

ah, it wasnt the 2010 set. it was the structure of the gcode. it looks like by having a move comand then on the same line an m3 its bad news. seems that it works out it should dwell for the spin up after its started its move and falls over.


N300 G00 X233.05 Y130. S2000 M03

should look like

N300 S2000 M03
N301 G00 X233.05 Y130.

hope that helps.

should have read the bottom of your post...
yes its a multitude of issues due to my spindle being to heavy so it both sags by approx 0.1 mill in the middle and the z axis twists along the y axis (evil) Im looking at fixing these things as I can and the budget becomes available through adding counter tension and load bearing solutions.

Gah! silly me
Y=1 should have a non zero number as the bottom of the range as i have put it is 0 not 1, my app is rounding a small number i think.

is that what you mean.

the base equation is from:

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