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Hi Jestah,
Make sure that you either put a G64 in your initialization string or at the begining of your G-code. Mach3 has a nasty habit of turning it off regardless of how you have it set on the general config page.

I would also ask what version of Mach3 are you running? .066 has been problematic for some people, myself included.


I will make sure to add G64 into my header and I think I am going to try going back a few versions of mach3 as I have had LOTS of bugs the past few weeks. (Soft limit warnings that are suggesting a G53 Z0 move is above my Zmax limit, sometimes not running the startup macro I have in the initialization string and homing often fails causing one the sides of my gantry to rack until the servo errors out )

If I could get my sticky fingers on a real oscilloscope could someone talk me through how to hook it up to tune my servos. I have found lots of info to tune geckos but not much on AC drives

Been a bit busy to do the wiring of the drives today but going to make time to give it a shot tomorrow! Thanks everyone for all the help!

Thanks heaps for that info hood!

I was only planning on slaving them so I can auto tune to give me a ball park to start manually tuning as this is my first servo system. It is very new to me so I was hoping the autotune would at least get me close to speed up the overall process.

Have you tried the software that comes with the delta drives? I cannot work out how to get a smooth output on the built in oscilloscope. Have you had any luck?

Do you use the Pcurve settings to get less jerk in your system?

Slaved from the master drive outputs

Encoder direct to slaves

I think I follow along but will attach two images as I am not 100% sure of the wiring.

I am assuming I need to wire the position pulse outputs from the master drive to the Highspeed Position Pulse Input of the slave as in the image "cnc servo slave from outputs"

My gut feeling tells me the above is correct or did you mean wire it as in the image "cnc servo slave direct from encoder"

will there be any issues with have one motor follow the other (lag causing one to fight the other as they are mechanically connected) ? In a robotic forum I found some info on they suggest "slaving" both motors to one drive.

I could not upload the pdf for the 750w delta servo motors and ASDA-AB drives. The link below is from their website.


Hi Guys!

And the battle to tame this CNC goes on…. I have got the tool change working well but now that I am doing real cutting I have noticed the movement was far from ok.

Any sharp changes in direction cause overrun, poorly cut parts and wasted material. Moves around non arc curves (splines made up of lots of short lines) cause shuddering of the gantry. I also can not get smooth movement from a g1 to g2/g3 without a slight pause as if it has turned of cv mode. A true circile would pause on each line of code. The only solution has been to reduce my feeds right down.

I have tried every cv distance/angle setting with slight improvement but not enough so assuming my servo drives may be the issue. I have worked out how to auto tune the Y and Z axis and seeing better results but as I have two servos on the X axis (A is slaved to the X inside Mach3) and unsure how to auto tune both at the same time.

I found a few posts that suggested setting BOTH drives up from a “virtual master” and using a 1:1 gearing  but could not work out for the life of me how to do that with my drives.

Could some of the masters cast a few pointers my way as I would love to get my router running smoothly!


Many thanks for helping me sort that issue out with the dust extractor turning off.

I can confirm that it was having the disabled CCW and CW set to the same output as my dust extractor that was the issue.

Anyone had a chance to test if they see a short firing of output 1 (M8) and other Mcodes while simulating a program with this MXL ?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Getting started config file
« on: March 21, 2013, 01:38:16 AM »
just drop that file into the Mach 3 main folder and then open up mach3 loader and pick the profile that is named the same as your XML file.

and the xml....

sorry that was not the best xml to send as that was after I found a work around.

I have set it back up to how it was while turning the extractor on using M8/M9 and then saved the xml 

Back in this setup (m8/m9) when the dust extractor running, the spindle stopped and then an M5 call from MDI and the extractor stays on. Do the same with the spindle and extractor running and the extractor will turn off when the dwell is finished. Could it be linked to the dwell?

TP - I had turned off the output for output 1 in ports and pins and setup output 20 to have its port 1 pin 1 numbers so I don’t think it’s a conflict here. I have double checked and only have port 1 and pin 1 assigned once. I cannot seem to find where to assign M3 ( i was assuming that was under ports and pins - motor outputs - spindle - dir port and pin numbers ( at the moment set to 0 as I do not use ccw on my router)

would someone mind running a simulated program and see if the dust extractor output triggers (just a very brief flash on for me here). I have a work around for now but would rather track down why things are turning on when they should not!

Thanks a bunch for having a look!

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