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General Mach Discussion / Re: Losing Steps on x
« on: November 27, 2012, 03:33:46 PM »
I posted yesterday on this thread due to my X axis missing steps badly as well. This didn't always happen. Problem seemed to start on Sunday.  My multi pass circles weren't starting and finishing properly and my vcarve lettering looked terrible.  I pulled out my wifi card since I didn't need it.  I upgraded to the lockdown (.066) last night.  My X axis velocity was set to 100.2 in the motor tuning.  I backed it down to 80.  On the home screen I always had my feed rate slider down about 1/2 from the normal spot so I never thought much of the 100 value.  With only those three changes, I got (2) 1 hour long runs last night without a single problem. 

General Mach Discussion / Re: Losing Steps on x
« on: November 26, 2012, 02:47:45 PM »
I just came across this post because I too am having the same exact problem.  I'm losing steps on my X axis.  This wasn't always happening.  My speed is not jacked way up either. Problem just started last night.  I noticed it when I was vcarving a job and it was doing a multipass vcarve circle.  The start and endpoints don't line up.  The vcarve lettering looks horrible as well.  I thought it might be a loose motor coupling but I ruled that out.  Problem only seems to be with the X axis for me. It took a 3rd reboot and I was able to get a good run.

I'm also using the Gecko G540 controller.  My computer is an older GATEWAY pc.  I think I purchased it around 2005.  It has an onboard factory oem parallel port. I'm already using an aftermarket video card.  If I recall, it's a Nvidia Geforce FX-5500.  I'm running Mach 3 3.042.020     I'm going to try upgrading it to the latest Mach version tonight and also pull out the wireless NIC card in it.  The PC is dedicated to just my cnc.  It's a fresh install with Windows XP Pro SP3. No windows updates have been performed on the machine.  It's not connected to the internet and hasn't been in quite some time.  The wireless NIC just happens to be in it from the old days.

I will post back sometime tonight if the above helped. 

Well that's just beautiful.  I should have known better.  I purchased a copy thru an ebay auction, heavily discounted.  Of course overseas.  I tried looking up the old auction but being it's too far out the 'View Item' doesn't show.  When I click on the seller name that I think it is, it says Seller no longer listed with ebay.  I'll never be able to dispute it now.

I just purchased mach 3 directly from machsupport web site.  Details below.  Unfortunately I have more $$$ into it now but at least I know it's legit.


You sent a payment of $175.00 USD to Newfangled Solutions, LLC


It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
Newfangled Solutions, LLC
Instructions to merchant
You haven't entered any instructions.

Description   Unit price   Qty   Amount
Mach3 License
Item# 000000001   $175.00 USD   1   $175.00 USD

Back in business!!!!  Taking that G43 out of the vectric mach3 post processor header did it.   I actually edited the .pp file to prevent G43 from getting put in ever again.

I just edited the vectric mach 3 .PP post processor and took the G43 out of the header.

Gonna go try it now.

Does anyone have a newer vectric .pp file.  Mine is dated 12/15/09

I see this line:    N140G00G43Z0.8000H1

I have no idea what is telling it to put in a G43 though.     

HI Ger,  Thanks for attempting to help out.  I'm out in the garage look at the screen right now.  Tool 1 & ALL the rest of the tools are ZEROES across the board.  How can I turn that G43 off?

EDIT:  Are you saying the gcode has the g43 or the xml?

Hi, Yes absolutely.  I will post a few lines of the gcode and the g540.xml file.  Yes, the Z does go in the right direction.  Just goes too far.


Hi.  Thanks for trying to help. I verified an it's using Tool #1.  Actually everything I run is tool 1.  If there is multiple tool uses (end mill, vbit, ballnose), in my job, I break them up into multiple jobs.  1 job for each tool.

Hey guys,

Can someone please enlighten me on what I might be doing wrong.  I'm using mach 3 with Vectric aspire.  It's been a couple months since my last cut and suddenly it has a mind of it's own.  I touch off the surface of the material with Z and Zero it out.  I'm not using any tool offsets and I did verify that it is turned off.  When I start the run, Z is plunges down MUCH further than it should be.  It should be going down to my Safe Z (0.2) and going on into the program from there. 

Anyone got any ideas?


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