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General Mach Discussion / Re: Thread Milling Inside Tool CRASH
« on: May 17, 2015, 06:53:43 PM »
Ok. I downloaded 3.043.066 of Mach 3 with the latest nfs suite and it works fine now.  I hate messing with the base program as im always afraid all the plugins and config files will get hosed and i have to piece it back together.. This upgrade  went smooth and everything worked on startup.. The Ethernet Smoothstepper can be a real pain to get initialized at times but so far so good.  Thanks all !  Gotto go make chips.


General Mach Discussion / Re: Thread Milling Inside Tool CRASH
« on: May 17, 2015, 02:16:45 PM »
Version of what ?  Mach 3 or plug ins ?  Ive tried on 3.042.029  ( my Mill version now, and tried on 3.043.022 with my desktop )  The NFS Plug in is version is 2.72.  Like I said it creates the same code using either the MACH 3 thread mill wizard OR the NFS add on wizard. 


General Mach Discussion / Thread Milling Inside Tool CRASH
« on: May 17, 2015, 01:40:02 PM »
  I have a problem using either the built in Thread Mill Wizard or the New Fag Solutions ( add on ) when trying to thread mill anything INSIDE.  I've gotten it to work at one time and have programs I generated that still work ( older version of mach I think) but anything new seems to crash the tool with wierd movements just before it starts the thread. Doesn't matter if I start from bottom or top. The first move line is always OUTSIDE of the part and wants to rip through the side of the tube Im threading. After it rips thru the part on the edge ( aluminum ) it threads perfect :) It's obvious from the code in the first line why it does this but I cant figure out HOW COME the wizards do this. 3.043.022 Mach 3-  Ethernet Smoothstepper.

Ive tried to run in Absolute and Incremental, Ran the same wizard on my desktop machine with the default MACH 3 setup and it generated the same code.  I CAN make OUTSIDE thread programs without issue. 

1.185 Max ID threads
1.125 max depth
.730 OD 5 tipped cutter

G0 G49 G40  G17 G80 G50 G90
M6 T10 (TOOL DIA. 0.73)
G20 (Inch)
M03 S3600
G00 G43 H10  Z0.1
(Right hand ID Climb)
(WARNING THis is going To RAPID down to Z-1.125)
X-0.247 Y-0.41975                          ( WHAT DOES THIS DO ? Besides rip through edge ) 
G00 G41 P0.365 X0.17275 F5
G00 Z-1.125
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.41975
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-1.0938
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-1.0625
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-1.0313
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-1
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.9688
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.9375
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.9063
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.875
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.8438
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.8125
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.7813
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.75
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.7188
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.6875
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.6563
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.625
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.5938
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.5625
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.5313
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.5
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.4688
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.4375
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.4063
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.375
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.3438
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.3125
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.2813
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.25
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.2188
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.1875
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.1563
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.125
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.0938
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.0625
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z-0.0313
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z0
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z0.0313
G03 X0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z0.0625
G03 X-0.5925 Y0 R0.5925 Z0.0938
G03 X-0.17275 Y-0.41975 R0.41975
G00 G40 X0
G00 Z0.1
M5 M9

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