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 HELLO, My name is Phil. I am very new to cnc mills. My friend and I just recently acquired a 24"x60" 4 axis cnc router from China. It is new, but the only documentation we have is one data DVD that was shipped with it. Their English isn't very great so we have had a little trouble with the setup. We are using mach3 and lazy-cam and bob-cad/cam. we haven;t figured out the correct post-processor for bob-cad, so we do our best with bob-cad and save file as .dxf then open with lazy-cam and fine tune it, then load to mach3. All is going OK, but when we set the scale and/or depth, we have to put in exactly half the size in mm's to get the size cut we want. Overall, I really like mach3 and lazy-cam a lot.There is soooo much more that i need to learn.
I am a father of three beautiful girls, been faithfully married for 17 years, currently a full-time college student (electronics technology) lover of music,woodworking, electronics, and all guitars. Soon, I hope to marry them all together by building a CNC router mill from scratch and using it to build custom guitars and other musical instruments (as well as tons of other things) and just plain ol' having a great time with it. This is my first real experience with CNC. I have found that stepper motors are cool, but not very trustworthy. It seems that the x axis doesn't like me very much. I can honestly say that I do love working with CNC and I hope to learn more about it each day from now til.........

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