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G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Re: Mach3 stops at the macro. Why?
« on: March 15, 2018, 03:33:37 PM »
If i use Version .62 from Mach3. Then i get an message "ePID Fault" while probing

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Mach3 stops at the macro. Why?
« on: March 15, 2018, 02:52:49 PM »
i am using a CSMIO/IP-S. / Mach3 Ver. 22.
I am running a plasmacutter and i want it to find the top of the material on every start.
But with G28.1 it doesnt work, so CS Lab send me a macro.
But if i want to run the g code from 140 and hit "run from here", Mach3 stops at the first M20 in line 15 and i cannot start. I only can start the g code from the beginng.
Here is the G Code
N0010 (Filename: 1,5mm Platte1.tap)
N0020 (Post processor: Mach3 2 headsM20.scpost)
N0030 (Date: 15.03.2018)
N0040 G21 (Units: Metric)
N0050 G53 G90 G40
N0060 F1
N0070 S500
N0080 (Part: 1,5mm Platte1)
N0090 (Operation: Radiuskorrektur außen, 0, T1: Plasma 1-2mm 1800)
N0100 (Plasma 1-2mm 1800)
N0110 T1 M06  G43 H1
N0120 G00 Z25.0000
N0130 X407.7900 Y-828.1611
N0140 Z10.0000
N0150 M20 Q2
N0160 G00 Z2
N0170 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N0180 G02 X408.7500 Y-827.2011 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N0190 G01 X409.5000 F2000
N0200 Y-839.5000
N0210 X397.9680
N0220 Y-827.2011
N0230 X408.7500
N0240 G02 X408.7500 Y-828.5587 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N0250 M05
N0260 G00 Z25.0000
N0270 X396.4058 Y-851.4600
N0280 Z10.0000
N0290 G00 Z2
N0300 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N0310 G02 X397.3658 Y-850.5000 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N0320 G01 X398.1158 F2000
N0330 Y-865.3707
N0340 X375.5000
N0350 Y-850.5000
N0360 X397.3658
N0370 G02 X397.3658 Y-851.8576 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N0380 M05
N0390 G00 Z25.0000
N0400 X377.7900 Y-796.4600
N0410 Z10.0000
N0420 G00 Z2
N0430 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N0440 G02 X378.7500 Y-795.5000 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N0450 G01 X379.5000 F2000
N0460 Y-824.5000
N0470 X365.5000
N0480 Y-795.5000
N0490 X378.7500
N0500 G02 X378.7500 Y-796.8576 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N0510 M05
N0520 G00 Z25.0000
N0530 X344.0362 Y-805.0611
N0540 Z10.0000
N0550 G00 Z2
N0560 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N0570 G02 X344.9962 Y-804.1011 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N0580 G01 X345.7462 F2000
N0590 Y-820.6054
N0600 X327.8070
N0610 Y-804.1011
N0620 X344.9962
N0630 G02 X344.9962 Y-805.4587 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N0640 M05
N0650 G00 Z25.0000
N0660 X331.4101 Y-826.4600
N0670 Z10.0000
N0680 M20 Q2
N0690 G00 Z2
N0700 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N0710 G02 X332.3701 Y-825.5000 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N0720 G01 X333.1201 F2000
N0730 Y-851.4533
N0740 X320.5000
N0750 Y-825.5000
N0760 X332.3701
N0770 G02 X332.3701 Y-826.8576 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N0780 M05
N0790 G00 Z25.0000
N0800 X424.9949 Y-807.3814
N0810 Z10.0000
N0820 G00 Z2
N0830 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N0840 G02 X423.7497 Y-806.8404 I-0.3521 J0.8931 F2000.0
N0850 G03 X423.7497 Y-806.8404 I-58.7497 J-23.1596
N0860 G02 X424.2908 Y-805.5952 I0.8931 J0.3521
N0870 M05
N0880 G00 Z25.0000
N0890 X132.7900 Y-876.4600
N0900 Z10.0000
N0910 M20 Q2
N0920 G00 Z2
N0930 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N0940 G02 X133.7500 Y-875.5000 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N0950 G01 X134.5000 F2000
N0960 Y-884.5000
N0970 X120.5000
N0980 Y-875.5000
N0990 X133.7500
N1000 G02 X133.7500 Y-876.8576 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N1010 M05
N1020 G00 Z25.0000
N1030 X142.7900 Y-911.4600
N1040 Z10.0000
N1050 G00 Z2
N1060 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N1070 G02 X143.7500 Y-910.5000 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N1080 G01 X144.5000 F2000
N1090 Y-919.5000
N1100 X130.5000
N1110 Y-910.5000
N1120 X143.7500
N1130 G02 X143.7500 Y-911.8576 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N1140 M05
N1150 G00 Z25.0000
N1160 X87.7900 Y-911.4600
N1170 Z10.0000
N1180 G00 Z2
N1190 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N1200 G02 X88.7500 Y-910.5000 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N1210 G01 X89.5000 F2000
N1220 Y-929.5000
N1230 X80.5000
N1240 Y-910.5000
N1250 X88.7500
N1260 G02 X88.7500 Y-911.8576 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N1270 M05
N1280 G00 Z25.0000
N1290 X92.7900 Y-866.4600
N1300 Z10.0000
N1310 G00 Z2
N1320 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N1330 G02 X93.7500 Y-865.5000 I0.9600 J0.0000 F2000.0
N1340 G01 X94.5000 F2000
N1350 Y-874.5000
N1360 X80.5000
N1370 Y-865.5000
N1380 X93.7500
N1390 G02 X93.7500 Y-866.8576 I-0.6788 J-0.6788 F2000.0
N1400 M05
N1410 G00 Z25.0000
N1420 X168.2539 Y-872.9286
N1430 Z10.0000
N1440 M20 Q2
N1450 G00 Z2
N1460 M03 G01 Z1.0000 F1200
N1470 G02 X167.0076 Y-872.3901 I-0.3539 J0.8924 F2000.0
N1480 G03 X167.0076 Y-872.3901 I-57.0076 J-22.6099
N1490 G02 X167.5461 Y-871.1438 I0.8924 J0.3539
N1500 M05
N1510 G00 Z25.0000
N1520 M05
N1530 M05
N1540 G00 Z220
N1550 G00 X0 Y0
N1560 M30
and here is the M20 Macro

'Macro automatycznego pomiaru wysokoœci materia³u V2
'2013-03-17 22:18


Const SpeedProbe      = 700    'Prêdkoœæ pomiaru
Const MaxRouteDown      = 20   'Maxymalny zjazdy palnika od pozycji startu pomiaru (w mm)
Const ClearanceContactor   = 2   'Luz czujnika (w mm)

Dim ZDROsaveCord    'Pozycja osi Z przed wywo³aniem PROBE
Dim ZTouchPosition   'Pozycja psi Z po wykryciu sygna³u PROBE
Dim Qarg      'Wysokoœæ podniesienia palnika ponad materia³ po pomiarze
Dim Inc         'Gdy 1 ruch inkrementalny , 0 absolutny
Dim MachCoor      'Gdy 1 kordynaty programowe
Dim FeedCurrent

      'G³ówny program

Sub Main

   Qarg = Param2()
   If GetOEMLed(806) Or GetOEMLed(807) Or GetOEMLed(809) Then
      Message"ERROR: Maszyna nie zbazowana / machine not homing  !!!"
   ElseIf GetOEMLed(11) Then
      Message"ERROR: Palnik pracuje / burner works"
   ElseIf GetOemLed (825) Then
         Message"ERROR > Czujnik aktywny / active sensor !!!"
      ElseIf Qarg = -1 Then
         Message"ERROR: Nie podano wartoœci Q / There is no value Q  !!!"
      ElseIf Qarg < 0 Then
         Message"ERROR:  Q = " & Qarg & " !!! wprowadz Q > 0 / enter Q> 0"
     End If
      ZDROsaveCord = GetOEMDro(802)
      Zlimit = ZDROsaveCord - Abs(MaxRouteDown)
      Code "G31 Z" & Zlimit & "F" &SpeedProbe
      ZTouchPosition = GetVar(2002)
      'Gdy nie wykryto materia³u powrót do punktu startu probe
      If ZTouchPosition = Zlimit Then    
         Message"ERROR: Nie wykryto materia³u / Not detected material !!!"   
         Code"G0 Z" &ZDROsaveCord
   End If

      Code "G0 Z" &(ZTouchPosition + Abs(ClearanceContactor) + Qarg)
      SetOEMDRO(802, Qarg)
End Sub
Sub SaveMachCoor ()
   If GetOEMLed(16) Then
      MachCoor = 1
      MachCoor = 0
   End If
End Sub
Sub RestoreMachCoor ()
   If MachCoor = 1 Then
      If Not GetOEMLed(16) Then
      End If
      If GetOEMLed(16) Then
      End If
   End If
End Sub
Sub SaveIncAbs ()
     If GetOEMLed(49) Then
      Inc = 1
      Inc = 0
   End If
End Sub
Sub RestoreIncAbs ()
   If Inc = 1 Then
   End If
End Sub
Sub SaveFeedCurrent ()
      FeedCurrent = GetOEMDRO(818)
End Sub
Sub RestoreFeedCurrent ()
      Code "F" &FeedCurrent

End Sub
Sub StopRewindSleep ()
End Sub
Sub WaitForMove ()
   While IsMoving()
End Sub
Someone any idea?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Run from here does not work correct
« on: March 15, 2018, 09:50:12 AM »
but with my other machine and Mach3 i have not this problem.
When I hit "run from here", it jumps direct to the line and i can start from there.

General Mach Discussion / Run from here does not work correct
« on: March 15, 2018, 08:48:49 AM »
 I have a problem with Mach3 and the function "run from here"
If i want to start the g code from another Line then the first, it takes minutes to get to the line.
For example a want to go to line 4350 and when i hit "run from here" Mach3 reads every line of the g code until he comes to line 4350.
What must i chance?

You don't need two inputs for x and y home switches you can wire them in series to one pin.
I didn´t thought that way.
The homeswitches are all openers.  I will try it.

but thats means i can not use the usb card?! Sorry, me english is not so good.

I am using the proma THC from ebay.
i need 6 input signals.
x,y and Z home switch. And THC Up, down and Arc ok.
Is there a card with PP with 6 input signals? I only found 5

How can i use my thc control with the usb board.
Or is there no possibility?

ok, thats not good. How can i fix it?


i bought a new USB Motion Board for Mach3, so i my machine can have more Input signals.
Here you can see the card on ebay http://www.ebay.de/itm/3-axis-CNC-USB-Card-Mach3-Breakout-Board-Interface-200KHz-windows2000-xp-vista-/261163685477?pt=Motoren_Getriebe&hash=item3cce919665

But now the z Achse does not move up and down. The light for the input signal is flashing and mach3 does say the same.
But nothing happens when the TH Up and Down signal is active.

What could be my problem. With my normal breakout board everything worked fine.

Thanks from germany

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: China HF-start plasma CNC design!
« on: December 20, 2011, 11:01:01 AM »
Great Ideas.

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