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General Mach Discussion / Re: AXYZ CNC router conversion
« on: December 08, 2011, 07:45:34 PM »
My name is Eduardo, I read about the conversion of the forum AXYZ Mach3.
I live in Sao Paulo Brazil and I have two and sometimes AXYZ Millennium
I have problems.

One had to replace the inverter frequency by a Vacon brand,
was good, but operates independently.

I put an on / off switch and a potentiometer to adjust the rotation of the spindle.

Now I need to replace the flash memory card. When I turn on the machine she does not read
the memory.

The price of the card in AXYZ Burlignton in Canada, $ 580 .... and FEDEX
and fees here in Brazil ... $ 1,400 total ... too expensive

I think it's just a common memory and that maybe I could adapt
a pen drive or similar, but not tried anything yet.

Another problem I had was the communication interface of the PC to the machine,
but I use the entry rs 485 machine, using a common drive,
built nearby, RS232 to RS485 converter.

A former representative of AXYZ here in Brazil is selling many machines
China and ofecere switch control of the axes with the Chinese electronics
asking $ 2300 and maybe I do it because AXYZ prices seem high.

In theory I see no difficulty turning the motors with other controllers
but I'm researching best to make sure.

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