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Yup, got it!!! Buuuut: the rub is I don't want to stand at the machine and wait for the first program to finish and then load the next piece and push the the cycle start.  The idea is to be able to load parts at all four stations in a random order and have it machine all four parts in that order with out intervention in addition as one part finishes be able to load another.  This is for continuous machining AKA pendulum processing.  This might be a big request but seems doable.  I do not know the limits of Mach and/or VB and perhaps "Brains" maybe a better option.

Thanks for the quick reply!!!

Sounds like we are looking at similar options!  I think the mirror image and offset is conceptually straight forward (how you choose to code it may vary).  The challenge I face is four (yes 4) stations: 1left(reference), 1 (mirror, offset) right, 1 (mirror, offset) center right, 1 ( offset) center left.  The four stations will be activated in a random order.  So the question is how to capture the order in which the buttons were pushed, then run the program(s) in that order then clear the order as the part programs run and add new part programs (cycle start button pushes) into the order.


Use counters (timer) The largest number gets run first...program runs...then ends...sets timer to 0...find the next largest counter number...runs that program. and so on....

-4 Counters would be attached to 4 DROs, the DROs would get set (coded) by button pushes (cycle start) Stations 1,2,3,4.......
-Macropump analyzes and finds the highest counter number and runs the program.
-M30 with VB code to clear the counter and the DRO button code.
-??? how to set the "next" button push to a cleared DRO???

Other Suggestions or options?


I am trying to do much the same thing for a horz. boring machine.  Coding the button pushes for the cycle start.....capturing the sequence or order in which the cycle start buttons were pushed and executing the cycle start(s) in that order.  Tough for me to get my head around,  Woodworker YES.....Programmer Hell NO.  Can anyone further this discussion?

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