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Mach3 and G-Rex / Re: more issues with Grex
« on: November 16, 2013, 09:03:03 PM »
so which version I should try?

Mach3 and G-Rex / more issues with Grex
« on: November 16, 2013, 02:52:31 PM »
Im trying to set up G100, with latest mach3, latest firmware, latest fpga ....
something wired is happening
I cant set up active low, or active high on step pin, it is working random, some time stop at high, some time low level
also moving axis is strange
if X is 0 and I type X1 it go to 0.87 or similar, then I type second time X1 and then finally go to X1
later I type X0 and it go to X 0.14
at this point if I move axis Z manually then X go to 0 by itself

charge pump is very low frequency, about 2-3-4 Hz, cant enable the controller, need few Khz

why so many strange things happening?


Mach3 and G-Rex / G100 + step/dir spindle and rotating axis
« on: November 13, 2013, 05:35:59 AM »
currently Im using parallel port with step/dir spindle, where I have identical port/pin settings for spindle and axis A so I can use it as spindle or rotating axis same time, it is working fine, just need to pay attention at G code, while one is used the other must be zero speed
I have one G100 sitting around and I thought I can use it for more stable pulsing for step motors, but I cant make same setting
anyone can help?

just tried with G52 offset instead of change the tools, same delay

I dont need a relay, as I mentioned before my spindle is step/dir control
that mean I only need to change dir signal
unfortunately that dir signal cannot be changed without troubles, already tried
same spindle with same pins is set as A axis
still looking for solution for spindle and tool change

unfortunately tool change not working properly that way, I tried many different ways but I cant make it axis movement to change tools in brain

I found option for tool change in the same way
I have not tested yet the delay but now looking for spindle
there is option for spindle on/off only
I cant change direction
is there any way to change spindle direction in brain?

it look like these delays are varying because when only M8/9 used then delay is approx 0.15 sec on mine PC(you say 0.166 on your which is almost the same)
in real G code for 5 on/ff that mean 10 M commands the difference is 5 seconds, which mean 0.5 sec per M command
so I expect same differences with tool change and spindle on/off
I hope someone can help with the rest, until now the difference is good enough, it is worth

yes, it is working, coolant on/off executed instantly, only the relay click with a delay, I think longer than before, but that is not a problem at all
that was just a test G code only on/off where normally 0.166 seconds delay

in the real G code where 4 times coolant is used now is executed 3 seconds faster
and another G code where 6 times coolant is used now is executed 5 seconds faster !!! 13% faster !!!

this is only coolant modified, it is so good and Im going to think for the tool change now....

is there any other way(except G10) to change tools, without delay? actually only tool number must be changed and load tool compensations, it is gang tool lathe

it look like M3/4/5 execution is not fixed in version 067 and also cause delays
what can I do for spindle start/stop without delay in M commands, step/dir servo motor spindle is used

this is really "out of the box" approach
I will try it soon but I guess it will work, thank you very much for your help

about the tool change - yes it is gang tool lathe, but I wanted to show me the tool number, because some time I stop the program in the middle, then move away manually, select tool manually, move again, make adjustments in G code or tool offset and star over, which using G10 is a bit complicated, but I will think again about that if it is worth
I really appreciate your help, usually nobody care about any software issues

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