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I just followed the instructions and created a new profile by cloneing my existing profile.
I haven't added any xml.?

sorry really new to this. I've been operating cnc machines for 14 years just not gone into the workings of them.

Hi and thanks for the reply.

Basically the machine has the servo controller on the back of the machine with a on/off switch with a on/off switch on the spindle with it all going into the servo controller with one power supply cable coming out.
It has one parallel port coming out of the controller going to the pc.
If the controller is turned off the spindle switch will work on/off at will but if when the controller is turned on the spindle switch wont work till Mach3 has been fired up.
Now with the smoothsteper card installed the spindle switch wont work


General Mach Discussion / Smoothstepper and Proxxon mf-70 cnc help
« on: August 04, 2011, 03:31:38 PM »

I know this is not a Mach 3 problem as such (well I don't think it is) but I hope someone could please help me.

I have just installed a smoothstepper card to my proxxon mf-70 cnc mill as i'm hoping to get better results when machining very fine detail.
Everything has worked fine apart from the spindle will not turn on?...the spindle is turned on with a switch on the side of the spindle and not with M3 code.
The machine is wired with the spindle, servo's and controller on the same power supply.
I've disconnected the smoothstepper and wired it back to what it was and spindle turns on and off as it should but when I connect the smoothstepper the spindle switch wont work again???? is it a setting in config?????

Would really be thankfull if someone could help me.


Hello and thank you for replying.

I have just this miniute figured out what it is.
In my CADCAM i had programmed it to do the outer body with tool comp.
The post processor for it had not put the g-code in to allow compensation!

Feel a bit silly now! Ha ha!

Again thank you for reply to help.

Much appreciated.



I've just bought a proxxon mf-70 cnc mill and I'm have problem with profiling positioning on the x axis.

The problem is the the pockets with arcs in the body of the part are .2mm's out to the outside profile of the body?
Y axis is fine (symmetrical) but again out .2mm's in the x axis (where it should be symmetrical)

I calibrated the axis, there's no back lash in x and y.

Also if I make the pockets square without any arcs in there it comes out fine??
So I'm assuming it's a problem arcs??
The pocket sizes and distantance from each other are fine again 0.2mm's out in x+ ???
The part is a test piece 20x20 square with pockets in each of it's corners leaving a wall thinkness of 1mm.

Hope some one can help.


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