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XML file attached...is this what you are looking for?

Tried again and not sure where the save file function is.....only find save settings under config and that has not worked....still have the same issue and all the codes seem to be correct.

Sorry for being the dumbest guy on the forum!

Thanks TP....

I checked the hot keys and the X- was at zero, I reset all of the hot keys and now the X + is not jogging and when pressed all the others become inactive until I reset again, reboot Mach 3 and then all work except X +.

When I select a tool in MasterCam that has a spindle speed in excess of 2000 I still only get s2000 in the G code. 


The left arrow key on my key board no longer jogs the machine, while the remaining right, up and down and page up and down work perfectly. I tried another key board with the same result. When I tab over to Jog Control I can jog in any direction including the left direction. Only the left arrow key while using the key board does not work?

I am using MasterCam to set up tools and tool paths. When I generate G Code  Mastercam only allows a max spindle speed of 2000 rpm even though I have requested a higher speed during set up. I can change the s number after generating the G Code  manually but shouldn’t always have to do that.  Somewhere there is a default that is limiting the spindle speed to 2000 in the G code.

Any help is appreciated.

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