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Thanks Gianis121.
  The mechanical solution won't work in my case and it would be much harder to switch back to a single router when needed.  My table design has 2 steppers each for the X, Y and z so that takes care of 6 axis.  But if I can run each axis off of one signal split then I'm left with 3 free.  The plan in the future is to add 2 more axis to each router so that I would have 2 mirrored 5 axis machining heads.

Thanks for the info.  What was causing the missed steps?  Did you ever figure out what was causing the missed steps?  Electrical interference between the two routers maybe?
At least this gives me a place to start.

Here is the scenario.  A standard 3 axis router table with a 4th slaved to the X axis.  The gantry will have 3 routers mounted so that I can make 3 identical cuts at the same time.  This requires a Y and Z control for each of the three which brings the total control up to 8.
 Now the first two routers will take up the last 4 axis (Y,Z) that Mach can control.  But what about the last router?  Is there a way to split the signal of the last 2 channels as they leave the computer and run them into a seperate 2 axis system (power source, driver etc) to run these last router's Y&Z axis?  Remember the Ys and Z movements will all be identical.
  If this is possible what hardware do I need?  Just a way to split the wires to run to the seperate driver, power?
  Thanks in advance. Mtntop

I know how to do this mechanically, I'm looking to do it electronically.

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