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I also find that tightening connections should be a part of a preventive maintenance program.  I check mine monthly.

Mach 3 automatically keeps a backup of your last 21 settings files. If you go to operator/restore settings you can restore to the settings of any of the previous 21 sessions.  You should also backup the .xml file on a regular basis.  It is best to back it up on optical media as if you lose your hard drive you can at least get back your settings without going thru the entire process.

your xml file is generated whenever you set up your machine.  it can be found in C:/Mach3/yourmachinename.xml.  To find the problem I will need to see your file.....if it is software related.  

the jog on/off is an led on the program run screen under "tool information" about dead center bottom.  Or Ctrl-alt-J.  to change your jog settings hit 'tab' and an mpg looking window will pop up.  

i'm thinking it is a hardware problem.  ie common jumper loose, common not connected.  since you just installed a new driver that is not likely........unless it is not connected well at the BOB.  You may have trapped insulation under the 'dir' connection at the BOB.  Or if you installed the new driver by connecting a Euro plug and not screwing new wires under terminals then you may have re-installed your problem.  put a meter between the dir+ and dir- terminals at the driver and jog the x both ways.  One way should make 5v.  the other way should make 0v.  I don't think that wire size would be an issue.  I have used LAN (Cat5) cable on some BOBs and that is 22ga wire.  

go to config/ports & Pins/Motor Outputs.  Make sure that step port/dir port are set to the port that you are using.

what make/model BOB are you using?  do you have more pins available?  If so try moving the x to next pair of axis pins and reconfiguring your x axis to those pins in Config/Ports & Pins/Motor Outputs.  


you can get an auxiliary board from Arturo Duncan.  His part number is C-41.  http://cnc4pc.com/c41-pwm-variable-speed-control-board.html  It has 2 relays for cw/ccw or en.

I use the 0-10 volt signal.  You should have a 10v power supply available from the VFD.  Using the cw/ccw signal thru a relay adds a level of safety.  Your BOB should have a pot for fine tuning the speed signal.

It sounds like your driver is not working correctly.  Swap it out with another to confirm.   Make sure that nothing has changed in your port/pin settings.  Try changing dir lowactive and see if the motor goes the other way.  If you re-install mach after saving your *.xml file, you may have the same problem if your *.xml is corrupt.  Otherwise you will be starting over from scratch.  You could try installing an earlier version of mach.  I prefer the .062 version.

General Mach Discussion / Re: How to - code manual tool change?
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:36:41 PM »
Some clarification on the workings of touch-off routine.  Initially toughing off with movable plate establishes the offset between the z-zero and the fixed touch plate.  This is done during initial setup.  On subsequent tool changes the new tool zeros to the fixed touch plate only since the offset is already established.  Then the spindle starts and you are off to the races with the new tool.  IMHO this routine should be written into ATC tool changes as well in case the bit were not set into the tool holder correctly.


General Mach Discussion / Re: How to - code manual tool change?
« on: October 23, 2014, 07:46:37 AM »
Instead of re-inventing the wheel just send $20 to cncwoodworker.com and save yourself some grief.  He has already worked out the particulars.  You will spend more than that in lost time and effort.


General Mach Discussion / Re: How to - code manual tool change?
« on: October 22, 2014, 02:11:35 PM »
I run my machine as if it had an automatic tool changer.  In the general setup screen I checked "stop and wait for run" or something like that.  It is in the top left corner.  After changing I hit the run button and it zeroes to the plate and continues to march.  I know it is possible in the 1024 screenset but I am using the 2010 screenset and the setup for touchoff in that screen is more straightforward.  I use the Mach 2/3 ATC inch post processor.

I got mine from Arturo Duncan at www.cnc4pc.com. His part #A-60.  He also sells optical switches but I would not recommend that for a dusty environment.  My switches key off of aluminum angle.

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