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And so the saga continues...I was using the CNC machine this morning and the camera plugin was taking an easy 8 to 9 seconds to load.  And I reloaded it about 10 times, just to get an average.  So I did a search for "camera plugin" on this forum and I came across someone else, not with this issue, with a problem using Klaus' ver 3 plugin.  It came out in the thread that he was using an AMD machine and when he switched to an Intel machine, all was good.

 I am using an AMD Sampron 140 processor.  I switched back to ver 2.14d and the plugin loads consistently in under than 2 seconds.  I did have to slow the refresh rate down to 80. Any faster and the jog would not work smoothly. 

As an aside, I noticed in ver 3 that the fastest refresh rate was 100.

Any comments would be welcomed.

Thanks for all the replies.

I still have Camera plugin v 2.14d in the directory, but under Config Plugins, I have it disabled.

Also I have Video - B.Barker Ver 1.0.  I have tried to disable this under Config Plugins, but everytime I start Mach3, it is enabled.

Klaus, I will move both these plugins out of the directory.

I have been playing with the loading Camera plugin v 3.09 this morning, and out of 10 times it is always loading in 1 to 3 seconds.  And a few times after this it will take maybe 5 seconds, but then it will load in 1 to 3 seconds.


So I have been using Klaus's camera plugin v 2.14b for years now.  I decided to upgrade to ver 3.09.  Things are working good except for one issue.

 How long does it take to bring up the video window?  At the longest, it can take up to 8 seconds.  Sometimes it will take only one second.

 I'm using a Logitech webcam.  I have updated to the latest drivers.   Using Logitech's webcam software, the video window only takes about 1-2 seconds to pop-up.

Klaus has written a great tool for Mach users.  I have really come to depend on it in all my cnc work.  Thank you Klaus.

Thanks everyone for any insight into this.


Mach Screens / Basic Screen
« on: April 14, 2018, 01:53:28 PM »
I started a couple of years ago by cobbling some buttons on the original 1024 screen, removing a lot of the things I didn't need and adjusting the DRO's.  The screen was functional, but not much to look at.  I wanted to wait a while to make sure there wasn't anything I was forgetting, before designing a new screen.   This screen is just for my use, so  I didn't need to clutter it with things I didn't need.  It is used on a router I made using 8020 type extruded aluminum.  The cut envelope is about 18" X 18" X 5". 

I designed this screen in Photoshop CS (old, but very functional).  In the upper left is the G code window and in the upper right is the toolpath window.  I used Screen4 and Klaus's video plug-in.  Thank you Klaus, I use your plug-in every time I use the machine. 

The Step/Cont.(continuous) button toggles between jogging by step or continuous and the LED will switch from side to side. I have the space bar set as the hot key to toggle between step and continuous.   The increment button will toggle between .005" and .01" per step.  Most times I will have it set to .01", but sometimes I will toggle to .005". 

The Camera ON/OFF  button turns on Klaus's video plug-in.  The Set button will only set the off-set when the camera is on.  After pressed, the red LED on the button is turned on.  This way I know that the button was pressed. 

Hopefully this will give some ideas to anyone thinking of making their own screen. 

General Mach Discussion / Re: Underlined DRO's
« on: March 25, 2018, 05:18:16 PM »
Thank you Gerry.
I was hoping it was something easy like that.

General Mach Discussion / Underlined DRO's
« on: March 25, 2018, 03:14:53 PM »
This is kind of a strange one.
Just finished a new Screen and all of the DRO's are underlined.  But on the computer I was designing and testing the new screen, there are no underlined DRO's.  And on the computer running the CNC, the old screen set did not have any underlined DRO's. 

I'm using R3.042.040

I can live with it, but the rest of the screen looks so good.

Thanks for any help.

look in Mach3/Addons...should be a folder for each of the wizards, about 20 or so.

These shipped with Mach3 when I downloaded. The only wizards I see mentioned on the Atrsoft website
require a licence. Probably pretty good value but can't find the free ones yet.


I didn't have a sub directory named addons, but I did do a search and found an exe file called addons in the mach directory.  I ran it and it created a sub directory name addons.  So I had it all along.

Install Mach 3, open the program, and click the button marked Wizards. It is the 5th button from the left at the top of the screen.
Happy Wizarding!


I've looked under the "Pick wizard" and nothing comes up.  What is the file extension for a wizard and what sub directory should they be in so that the "pic wizard"  will find them?  I may never have downloaded them with mach3 or they may have gotten into another directory.  It's been a while since I have downloaded mach3.
Thanks for the help.

How about the Mach3 angle slot wizard with the angle set to zero?


I've read about the wizards that were included with Mach3.  I have not found them yet.  Any ideas where to start looking?

why a wizard and not just plain old MDI?

Lower the bit to the depth of cut you require at the start of the cut,
G1 Xnnn Ymmm Fppp   where nnn,mmm are the cords of the required end point at federate of ppp,
withdraw the cutter above the work, job done. Need to allow for diameter of your routing bit of course
but that calc shouldn't even require a calculator.


I generally take about a DOC of 1/8" per pass, so that would get kind of repetitive.  Also I like to rough cut leaving about .05" and then make a finish pass at full depth.

The straight cut would probably not be parallel to the X or Y axis.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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