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Newfangled Mill Wizard / Re: Suggestion for Mill Wizard
« on: May 12, 2014, 10:30:47 PM »
hi Ron

the work around is ok if I the complete job can be reversed
But the mirror would be good could then see finished job in mill wizard as it would look
eg.engraved then cut .


Newfangled Mill Wizard / Re: Suggestion for Mill Wizard
« on: May 11, 2014, 06:22:57 PM »
thank you for your reply
I had also contacted Brett at customer support but had trouble understanding his initial reply.
He then sent me some screen shots I now understand.
Make Gcode in Mill wizard then open in Mach3.
then change the DRO on X axis scale to neg -  .
Will engrave Mirror.


Newfangled Mill Wizard / Suggestion for Mill Wizard
« on: May 11, 2014, 05:38:16 AM »
I Like to use mill wizard where possible

I think a mirror function in engrave would be good.
I am deep engraving the rear of acrylic to led light from underneath for a nice LED sign.
But need mirror in engrave please.

Thanks in advance graemecns

I have removed Mach3 and reinstall the program
I also had an old mill setup which seems to have been the problem deleted that and  all seems ok


Another thing that has come up I drew up 9 holes 1.6mm in a 12mm square then ran a 3mm dia cut around the outside of each looks fine in Mill wizard (small washers)
But won't display in mach3 checked clearances in tool path but when i run it starts to cut a 9mm diameter not 3mm circle (on my old computer)

I just loaded on the work computer win 7 and gcode displays in mach3?

I can't see an I J setting or adjustment in stick font.
If I change IJ to absolute in the config General  in Mill wizard should it work ok with the imported Stickfont gcode ?
Or will that have to be changed in Mach3 also.


Ok stick font has option of absolute coordinate output G90 which was ticked
or incremental co ordinate output G91 which I believe will  the one I have to tick
I will try tonight

Thanks Graemecns

I have reinstalled Mach3 and will now run my other gcode ok. (I had installed a USB controller which must have affected Mach3)
You are correct I was generating Engraving gcode in Stickfont  then pasting it into newfangled Mill.
It is displaying ok in NF Mill with a rectangle I added around it but when it goes into mach3 it is generating 2 moves, big circle travels  before it goes to cut the rectangle.
I have put aside at present and am just using Mill engrave.

thanks for the reply.
I am able to use my older PC which I now have working again. But the plan was to upgrade the computer hardware. I did purchase a Hytechworks USB controller but have returned that unit as I could not get it work properly.
the motors sounded like they were grinding and with the speeds set correctly I was getting 85mm travel DRO indicating 65mm.
I will look and see if there is something else I can purchase to go between the computer and new stepper driver I have just received (has jog controls and a screen on top of package) LPT input.
I will do some more research

Thanks Again Graemecns

Ok went through xp optimize couldnt do acpt pc as this killed my computer an had re install xp twice
Still same problem with slow motors frequency low  around 6000 not 25000 any other ideas


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