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PoKeys / Is there a update for mach plugin?
« on: April 14, 2011, 05:01:11 PM »

is there a bug fix for mach plugin to get LCD1 working now?

PoKeys / Re: Bug or Feature?
« on: January 13, 2011, 06:22:51 AM »
thanks for replay. yes, disabling the plugin is a solution but it would be nicer if you can choose your way...

the other problem was solved by reinstalling mach, however.

PoKeys / Bug or Feature?
« on: January 12, 2011, 04:23:25 AM »

since i have installed the pokeys-plugin, mach3 can only work with controller plugged in. when my controller is plugged off, the reset button don't work and i can't use mach.
I have no E-Stop buttons or so.
Bug or feature?

off Topic:
since yesterday I can't open the 'motor tuning dialog' also the 'calibrate spindle dialog' wants not open.  klick on it and nothing happens, don't now why... )-:

PoKeys / Re: new pokeys wan't work in mach3
« on: January 11, 2011, 06:53:14 PM »
I've solved my encoder problem.
It was a 'brain-script' (what is/how works brain?)
After removing this all was right.

Now my new pokey works like a charm ;-)

My LCD is triggered by a VB-script via macropump. Can anybody look over this 'state of the art':

If GetOemLed(800) Then
   SetUserLabel(101,"Keine Bedienung!")
ElseIf GetOemLed(57) Then
   SetUserLabel(100,"MPG-Modus auf:")
   If     GetOemLed(59) Then
      SetUserLabel(101, "X-Achse " & Format(GetDro(0), "0.00;-0.00"))
   ElseIf GetOemLed(60) Then
      SetUserLabel(101, "Y-Achse " & Format(GetDro(1), "0.00;-0.00"))
   ElseIf GetOemLed(61) Then
      SetUserLabel(101, "Z-Achse " & Format(GetDro(2), "0.00;-0.00"))
   End If
ElseIf Not IsActive(OEMTRIG3) Then
   SetUserLabel(100, "Alle Achsen auf Null")
   SetUserLabel(101, "")
   Beep 200,200
   SetUserLabel(100,"X: " & Format(GetDro(0), "0.00;-0.00") & " Y: " & Format(GetDro(1), "0.00;-0.00"))  'prints the X & Y axis
   SetUserLabel(101,"F: " & Format(GetOemDro(55), "0.0  ") & " S: " & Format(GetOemDro(817), "0.0"))  ' prints the F & S
End If

Is this the 'correct' way or is there a cooler method?
A try like:

Function Fname()
End Function
If GetOem... Then
End If

That wouldn't not work...?

PoKeys / Re: new pokeys wan't work in mach3
« on: January 10, 2011, 08:26:49 AM »
hello (again)

my lcd works. also a digi switch is ok but with encoder no luck.

all is correct wired. in pokeys-software i can see the counting tick's under 'encoder RAW values'
in mach3 MPG1 is active with port10 pin3+4. also in pokeys cfg is encoder2 mapped to '4'.
i rechecked my setup again and again but no error was found.
what could be wrong?

General Mach Discussion / Re: Scriptor Compile Error?
« on: January 09, 2011, 05:56:36 PM »
or so...

rpm = GetRPM() : SetSpinSpeed( rpm ) 

i trap the same. and after this i read the first sites from VB-language description

PoKeys / Re: new pokeys wan't work in mach3
« on: January 09, 2011, 04:04:52 PM »
OK, i found my self ;-)

Now i understand the messaging system between mach an pokey.
So can everybody give me some tips or web resource for VB in mach3? I've never used before.
Only a simple example was found by me:

SetUserLabel(100,"X-Achse " & Format(GetDRO(0), "+0.000;-0.000"))
SetUserLabel(101,"Y-Achse " & Format(GetDRO(1), "+0.000;-0.000"))

this 2 lines are saved as 'macropump.m1s' under c:\mach3\macros\Fräsen-Port-1'
this script is ever run when mach starts or how can i understand this    mechanisms?

PoKeys / Re: new pokeys wan't work in mach3
« on: January 09, 2011, 03:13:38 PM »
...and exactly i did this.

in chapter 'HD44780-based character LCD' is NOTHING about '..you can only use LCD2 with mach3-plugin...' also in the flash-help, no word about.
thank you for 'you-must-read-the-manual-tip'.

i found via google a hint, that i can only use lcd2 in mach3-plugin, because some issues on the controller. there is hopefully a fix in the future!

and where is the docu about 'User Label Numbers'? In Pokeys Config U can set for each line a user label number between 0-255 but who are this numbers documented? in the flash-help-file? sorry, not found...

and why happens this:
Number of Rows:2
Number of Chars: 20

and only the Y-axis (101) is showing in the first line of lcd
some trying to change or other values the lcd is blank

PoKeys / new pokeys wan't work in mach3
« on: January 09, 2011, 09:41:57 AM »
hi all,

i have a new pokey controller (serial nr: 12105)

all switches, encoders or the lcd works fine with the Pokeys55 configuration util
i have also update to the latest firmware and the mach plugin is version 10.6.4.

but in mach3 the encoders and the lcd don't work?
when i use 'configure plugins' it says to me 'Use Port 10 if you want to map any PK digital I/O to the PP config dialog in mach3'
i do this, but nothing happens. also the lcd show nothing.
In the plugin control - pokeys0 cfg dialog i use the check box 'use lcd display (pins 28-34 used by LCD)' but in the user manual are the pins 23-30 are used for LCD1
i'm confused...
only a configurded switch do his job. (all axis to null) but i can't press it like a normal button, i must hold down for a second to get the event in mach3..

any ideas?

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