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General Mach Discussion / LINUX ?
« on: August 11, 2012, 11:42:09 PM »
Raspberry Pi is LINUX.
Do you think this is subject to the mach3?
Sincerely yours



The software of MACH3 which we know assigns a function in "potr config" with reference to PIN of LPT,

When compare it; board ncPOD ,
When the way of thinking of the allotment of PIN of LPT is thin and makes motor axis connection an example,
The motor signals such as XYZABC do not support PIN.
A code word of XYZABC is just listed in a program description.

In input of 1-6 and output of 1-6 and HOME of XYZABC, PIN is fixed.

I do not have a lot on input and the output.
Yours sincerely,

I plan a winding machine of the electric wire.
The electric wire winding machine resembles a lathe closely.
A central organization is to the right direction from the left.
The turn of the main shaft begins slowly and stops 100 rounds or 1,000 rounds in the place that I went around.
There is another winding forwarding axis and is parallel to a main theme.
Electric wire guidance metal fittings are attached to it.

After having sent it approximately 10mm, the electric wire guidance metal fittings return to the opposite direction approximately 10mm.
When the winding comes to the slant direction to a main shaft to the edge with the winding, I coil myself around the opposite direction diagonally.
Coil yourself using gaps fewer than a winding before (I repeat this) (do not have a line and coming at the same time) and continue in movement.
I wind the predetermined number of times and I glue the edge of the winding together when completed and end operation.

A characteristic of this machine is that a central figure does a large number of turns in the same way as a lathe.
I do another electric wire forwarding axis by the end when they come in the case of a screw box to the edge, but, as for this device, coming and going work in right and left many times.

Please tell me it if I know the method that axis-related setting of such a machine and how to make cords are useful for.
Yours sincerely,.

Thank you.

I sent an email to 2012/03/13.
However, there is not yet the answer.
Does OEMTech intend to work from now on?
Dear sirs
OEMTech Original Engineering Machine Technology

Considerable time passed after it was begun, but did you come to be able
to show objective performance yet?
I was informed of postponement of the completion many times.

Firstly I bought a little product, but most fail in update of the firm
ware with a defective article.

I purchased a little product once again afterwards.
A defective article is mixed in this and it is few, but fails in update
of the firm ware.

There are around three kinds of methods when I watch placement of the
boards well, but does update of the firm ware fail by this?
Or is it the thing by the bug by エラッタ of MC9S12UF32PUE-1L47S?

If I imagine it, as for saying that update of the firm ware is possible,
there is a boot loader, and it updates new firm ware and can update it
if the key which firm ware is accompanied by and the key of the boot
loader are correct.
Or a lock is worn in boot loader, and it is thought that I may not renew it.
(I encode it to a boot loader part and am protected?)

In addition,
In a forum of the ART "input did not work of the probe". The movement of
G31 was unpredictable and was in danger. There is a description to say と.
Is this true?

I lost my trust by this business very much.
In addition, I have suffered damage for about US $ 2,000.
(I have had the product which I cannot sell)

Do you release the official printing block of 6 axes?
And is it possible?

I design the neighboring light isolators preventing an electromagnetic
wave obstacle and wait while expecting your completion.

Then thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

NC Pod / Re: I have tested on several samples
« on: January 08, 2012, 07:31:30 PM »
firmware was up experiments ncPOD.

Dedicated to the owner of the ncPOD curl results.

There are several different versions of the board.
There are things with and those with a red light,
Unrelated to the success of the update.
Five failed to succeed 11.

Requires two drivers for the USB device
"Libusb-Win32 Devices" required under the
One is "ncPOD" name is a hypothetical and does not disappear even if you disconnect.
One is "ncPOD" name is a practical, or appear and disappear through and out.

To monitor those provided by Microsoft,
Start the batch file "Show hidden devices over show" Please to ON.
"Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1
cd \% SystemRoot% \ System32
start devmgmt.msc "

A virtual driver while connected to USB, as the image sequence,
Perform the hardware installation.
The image type is confusing because the Japanese would, please determined by analogy.

Driver installation is practical to install the device while connected to USB "ncPOD.inf" by showing the installation - you can file.

The virtual driver "Device Instance ID" is
Was active in the following two types.

Practical instance of the driver is "USB \ VID_16C0 & PID_056F \ 0001"
The contents of the USB driver coming from the whole range examined were similar in OEMTEC.

The FDD is a hidden device known to the PC after connecting the USB,
Enables the update.

The firmware can be updated, "2031" and "2027" There are,
"2031" and can be updated, and if it is not a sign of success than the
Been successfully updated, can be operated from the MACH3.
"2027" not to work only, and can appear successful update
The other window is displayed as Coach No. Please try again and actually a failure,
Can be run from MACH3.

The problem is probably in the errata of the version of the MPU.
Once we hope to improve anyway.
Best regards

NC Pod / Re: I have tested on several samples
« on: December 21, 2011, 02:48:14 AM »
Conditions for successful firmware update

Background I tried to experiment further.

Had earlier firmware version from the following:.

There are also several versions of the USB driver
LibUSB-under the WIN32 Driver,
Removing an existing driver or ncPOD
Add Hardware in Control Panel
Adding new hardware, you may incorporate by.

Board update was successful, view on the S / N is avoided.
Numbers may appear different from the displayed number to the substrate.

It connects the USB-5V supply from VBUS.
Land there is a way to enliven the solder resistance to using the wire.
Red LED lights up when you connect a USB

The V2031 is a need to update two drivers ncPOD.

If you see a USB interface and send back an invalid -1
Good run.

Sometimes less than a 5V power supply failure.

If the red LED is not lit will show success by doing the following update.

Might fit into an older version of the MACH3.
The V2027 is a need to update drivers ncPOD one.
But in another window appears with failure and try again.
I could not actually update confirmed.
Have not confirmed compatibility with MACH3.

Best regards

SmoothStepper USB / Please answer the questions correctly.
« on: December 20, 2011, 08:54:31 PM »
Dear Warp9 Tech Design

I'm going to have questions and input and output numbers assigned as follows: Breakout Board.
"On 12/14/2011 2:33 AM, Kyoji Nonomura wrote:
This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.warp9td.com from:
Kyoji Nonomura

Dear Warp9
I want to change the functionality of the device.
If you have a comparison table of numbers and pin numbers MACHPIN Breakout Board, I can make a connection.
Motor is connected XYZA
2,3, COM,
4,5, COM
6,7, COM
8,9, COM
But as we understand,
Otherwise I'm not sure about the pin.
Please tell me if you have a terminal connection arrangement table.
Best regards
But you come to the window of the USB driver updates for your reply What is?
"Dear Kyoji Nonomura,

I am forwarding your message to Tech Support (support@warp9td.com) where
Greg will be able to address it.

In the future, please write directly to support@warp9td.com when you
require Technical Support.

Kind Regards,
Stephanie Cary
Customer Sales
Warp9 Tech Design
www.warp9td.com "

Best regards

NC Pod / I have tested on several samples
« on: December 20, 2011, 05:25:35 AM »
Results of the 2031 update

Installing the SD Memory
S/N Number power of USB_BUS RNumber Display character

S/N 1017  5V power jumper Error! try again update 28 0% NG
S/N 1035  5V power jumper Error! try again update 28 0% NG
S/N 1044  5V power jumper Error! try again update 28 0% NG
S/N 1038  5V power jumper Error! try again update 28 0% NG
S/N 1043  5V power jumper Error! try again update 28 0% NG

S/N 1678  R228 Error! try again update 25 41% NG
S/N 1642  R48 Error! try again update 25 50% NG

S/N 1641  R168 31 0% OK
S/N 1675  R204 31 0% OK
S/N 1667  R276 31 0% OK
S/N 1671  R168 31 0% OK
S/N 1672  R240 31 0% OK
S/N 1674  R240 31 0% OK

NC Pod / Re: status of NCPod
« on: August 23, 2010, 10:16:43 PM »
Hi wyzarddoc

I know what the device is, but cannot teach it in morals.
If you want to know it by all means, I contact oemtec, and please hear it.
(only one "is not TI")
I can download the firm ware from the site of oemtec.
However, it will be refused a receipt when I do not have a password in the device inside.

I inform oemtec of potential contradiction, and it is assisted them or do you contact me?
Yours sincerely,
apollonono :D


NC Pod / Re: Does ncpod live?
« on: May 20, 2009, 10:08:30 AM »
Mr. who do not fall.

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