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Hi Fastest1 cheers for the info, this was in the mpg steping panel that pops out on the main page when you press the tab key.  Was just trying to fine tune the setup and get it working as I want, and of course do the backlash compensation which looks like being about .02 mm.  So hopefully everything will be accurate


Hi bit new to this CNC stuff and recently purchased a machine just setting it up, only problem I am having at the moment is I can't appear to jog in increments of .001, .01 etc ie decimal devisions of 1, it jogs .00035.  Now I know this is the min step distance of the machine but I thought Mach could compensate for this.  I.e 266,85 steps per mm,  Is there a setting I have missed?    Also when I cut a circle and square to test setup the square is more or less accurate to within .05 but the circle fluctuates to maybe 0.2, I have used various means to evaluate backlash and this appears to make little difference, Is there another setting I have missed here?

Thanks Nick

Hi Area 51 please check your estop pinning looks like you may have wrong pin setup, checking settings with cabella looks like I may have to revise some of mine too, didn;t realise there was a charge pump nice to know, there have been various threads I have read when I first setup I had crackling on one drive, initially I though it may be a short circuit, but decided to reconfigure parallel port to ECP mode and it cleared it up.  There was a thread where the spindle relay was causing problems for people and the option was to disanle it in mach and run of the mains but mine is working okay, another person said it was grounloop interferance between case and parallel port his solution was to withdraw port from case and insulate cabing and port connector with heatshrink.  These problems tended to be with the earlier four stepper controllers and the new ones shouldn't have this problem the setting I got were from somewhere else, but will check them as cabella has posted charge pump settings so will try these I think.  Thanks for the info!!   The faster T series can apparently do 10000 mm/min rapids I wouldn't set them that high 7000 mm/min sounds good though.  I have the s720 and am running at about 2250 mm/min rapids with 400 mm/sec ramps and it appears to work  okay at this early stage.  I am quite interested no one sets signal length durations, it is recommended to set between 3 and 10 us in motor setup, winPC recommended at 10us.   Anyhow its nice to find some other members using mach3 on their Heiz machines.  Also the relay switch was a little confusing up for manual on and down to run of mach but all in all very pleased with the machine. .  Am using cut2d and emc2 postprocessor for mach and it appears to  work okay, still need to do some tweeking will let you know how I get on
Here are the settings I was using!

I am looking at getting a heiz zs 1000 and running it with mach 3, however after reading your post and similar posts on mycncuk and looking at your settings having dowloaded and read through part of the mach3 manual pdf which you can download off this site, I have to wonder.  No mistakes I am a novice but looks to me as though you may have some pin settings wrong, most microcontrollers like to use an active low signal for the motor outputs and this is recommended by mach3, the direction pins can be also be set low active and if the direction is wrong you use the homing page in config to reverse an axis, this is supposedly better for the controller.    Next if you go to control panel and double click system and hit hardware devices and go to your port and double click your parrallel port usually there is a check box  where you can stipulate to ignore interups, probably best to check ingnore interupts not associated with this device.  There should also be a mach 3 clock emulator in device manager if not it hasn't installed properly and you didn't reboot after installation of mach 3.  If you go then to c drive open windows, program files, mach3 folderthere should be a program called mach test, right click and create a shortcut and drag it onto your desktop.   With mach3 closed start mach test, a window will pop up to show your clock timing generated by mach for the stepper motor control, you get an initial spike and small fuzzy line none of the sike should be more than 1/4 inch on 1024/768 resolution screen if it is then something is interupting the clock cycle i.e LAN, internet connection (set to 100kbps).   Also on the motor tunning tab you dont have any timing sequences set on timing pulses, next to G'ss should be 5 and 5 us so the controller can pick up the signal.  I would suggest giving phil a ring at prototools in Ireland he seems very helpful to verify these changes before you try them.   This is just the bit and bobs I have picked up off the mach manual, let me know how you got on as I know this post was ages ago?  Hope it all works for you

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