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General Mach Discussion / Text wizard stuck ?
« on: August 08, 2014, 03:48:01 PM »
 So the text wizard seems to be stuck on the Action Man font.

I need helvetica but even though I select it and thats what it shows, it engraves Action Man. I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times, any ideas ? Am I missing something ?

 Here's what happened, from the beginning.

 I sent my controller off to Jeff @Soigeneris to get rid of the USB set up and switch to Ethernet. I had random USB errors and I could not solve it at all after trying everything that was suggested. Really started to bring the suck when it would pop up in the middle of a run.

 So Jeff sent the box back to me, I installed all the software and hooked it up. Turned it on and nothing. Nada, zilch, zippo. Crap  For me, this is a big deal, I am computer challenged to put it mildly.  I started this thread incase it was something I wasn't getting. It wasn't.

 Jeff called me yesterday and remote'd in to my comp and spent a lot of time going through everything. Nothing. Then he asked my about the lights on the back of the control box. I'm like , what lights ? crap, I need a fuse.

 I managed to find a 7a pico fuse here in town. I bought 10 of them @ .99 ea.  Got home, went through 4 fuses, every time it blew it was at a different point in assembly. In the end I checked every wire and every connection and never did really find anything. There were a couple a ground and a hot that I thought were looser than they should have been. Paid them some extra time to them and boy howdy, I'm back in business.

 Thanks again to Jeff for the help and to those on here that tried to help me as well.

Cliffs; Loose wire popped 7a pico fuse.
Never found loose connection
Not popping anymore fuses
All good in the hood.

 I'm not getting any at the moment but it ain't moving either.

 I got ahold of Jeff today, he's going to remote into my comp and find out what I didn't do that I should have. I'll make sure and report back so someone searching might find an answer. lol

Thanks for the help guys

I had run this machine, with USB for the smooth steppers. I kept getting communication errors with the USB so Jeff suggested going to the ethernet.  I shipped him my box and he did the update.
 Not a lot of experience to be honest.

 I'm sure its something simple I'm missing.

 The spindle still didn't run when I did that and I didn't get any error msg. Who knows.

This is the controller,  http://www.soigeneris.com/stdr_4c-details.aspx

 Unchecking PWM made no difference, I did that yesterday. Thanks though

 Sorry about the confusion. Its a TAIG mill

 Here is a pic of the spindle page. When I press F5 I get the error msg,  PWM

 Yes Sir, as I said above, I turned them off.

 I now have a PWM error.
 It was always there I just didn't ask about it at the time so I didn't muddy the waters.

Should have been MPG,  I have fat fingers. :(

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