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I am from the Netherlands and i work already some time with Mach 3 it`s a very nice software that can be used for many things i use it for my cnc router table .
My table is 2440mmx1500mm and i have a HF spindle motor and the motor for the axes are servomotors i can remove the halve floor of my table to use it for a plasma cutter .

Check the website to see what i do, it`s in Dutch's but if you go to gallery you can see some picture`s .


Hello i also start with a zero tool but i am looking for a macro under one button that is doing two things first edge finding or centerfinding and then z-axe zeroing .
Who can help me with this i am from Holland so if the English isn't,t perfect sorry for it .
thanks John.M


I am from the netherland and i am using mach for my machine (routertable)
The machine i build is 2.5 meter long and 1,5 wide and works with servo`s .
The floor can be taken out and then you have a plasma table as well.
It fun to build but it take`s some time and think work .
He isn`t running yet but this won,t take weeks any more and will then start using mach 3 again .

thanks CNCworks.nl

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