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General Mach Discussion / Proper Tool Changes
« on: April 28, 2010, 10:02:34 AM »
Hello All, I have a cnc Knee mill under Mach3 Control. And I am wondering what the best way to set up my tools / and do tool changes is?

My Set up is as follows:

The mill has 5 inches of cnc quill travel
There is a semi auto tool changer (Air wrench with manual buttons to loosen the drawbar
The quill must be at the top for a tool change.

My Major questions are:

How to you set up your tools in a knee mill situation
(do you see each of them each time based off the top of the part?
If so what number to you put in for the offset?
Do you use a Gauge tool that does no change like a solid rod of X length in a holder and then set all tools based on that?
Again what is the offset if this is the method?
If you use the Gauge method do you use that gauge to set the top of the part?

How to you do tool changes so that the mill goes to the top of the quill and waits for input to continue?

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