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General Mach Discussion / Need Help!
« on: November 22, 2009, 09:23:03 PM »
Hello All,

I have just changed out components on my newly purchsed used router to a PMDX122 breakout board and control software (Mach 3). The problem I am having is that after the configurations are complete I am getting some wierd stuff happening with the motors. While in the jog mode I am only getting every little movement, no matter what changes are made in the motor configuration details in Mach 3 and movement is only in one direction. When the other direction button is pushed it does nothing.  I am thinking I have a wiring issue with the Anahiem Automation BLD75-1 Bilevel Step motor drivers ( I only unhooked the wires from one controller and reattached them to the new one. They work because it was operating with the old Delta Tau controller and software.
I tested the limit switches and have proper operation of those in Mach 3 . The PMDX122 is wired up and the status lights are operating when direction and step are activated on the screen. I also have changed the step and direction pulse settings in the motor config. and that did nothing.
I have looked through the manuals and the wiring looks correct but I know when to ask for help!



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