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G'Day ALL!!!!!!
I say "G'Day ALL----as I am totally confused, so I would like some simple, honest answers from somebody!!!!! I am a "lurker" paid me money for my Mach license and have my Campbell board and after fiddling around on ebay for second hand bits and pieces have decided to spend the pennies saved from my pension on a small CNC machine--don't get me wrong my workshop runs a number of wood and metal machines!!!!!!! But I am confused; I was going to buy a X3 machine made by Sieg in China and I was hoping that it was not another "kit" from a backyard trader who takes your money but cannot show you a working machine or has no support system. I have looked at lots of pictures on the half dozen forums and read hundreds of posts. The big questions now are who is making what?, who is "trolling" the forums picking up information and recycling same as thier own, Who is actually thinking and working the solutions up, eg motor mounts on one machine look like exact copies of another makers X3. Mr Tans machine is called a "China Product" but appears to be out of the Phillipines. So do I buy a Sieg X3CNC???????Is it a Chinese machine, a backstreets of Manila job, a "lock-up" from some London suburb, an american or english re-baged and new paint job kit of parts?
It's not just the machine, it's the support, the guarantees, the spare parts the general help and advice for new players like myself ? If the "SieG X3" CNC is now cobbled together from parts from all over the planet, and from suppliers and countries with no track record in the field, and if those players seem to pay scant regard for the intellectual work done by others, I think I should give anything calling itself Sieg or X3 CNC a big miss!
I live in the middle of France; I am retired and do not work for anyone; I buy from anyone who offers me fair service for a fair price; I take exception to "dealers" pretending to be something else; I do not trust people who do not respect the intellectual property of others and I dislike the "loaded sort of questions and the approach of Mr Tan? Sieg? Sybil and others who want more personal information or query my status.
So, can anyone tell me what is going on. At this stage I will not purchase a Sieg product. :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\

Darius Bartlett.
Crezancy en Sancerre.
(Check the email address or google on the "austartisan" membership name)

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