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2 days lost to this.....

well, I got it!
I hooked up my pass through break out board up to the second parallel port and now the stupid ass thing works like it should.
why the first port sucks is a mystery to me.
I might put my other couple inputs on the secod board for the hell of it too.

thanks for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!

the blue wire read .05v when hooked up to the db25 breakout board?
this might be the dumbest thing I have ever run across.

I found my old db25 pass through breakout board and it still does not work.

not without taking off the db25 cable.
estop works but the switch does not in the same pin.

I get 1.74v to the input pin when the switch is open and 0v when blocked.

I try all the setting combos I can think of in the port/pins but nothing seems to read it.
I swapped it with the estop to double check and the pin works?

cool! I get 5.57v
what now?

I get nothing.
this is a new switch that has only been wired through the 100,000k resistor for the red wire.

1 yes

2 the same model switch was used before and functioned great. I just swapped the computer a while back and now need to do some threading.

3 not sure what you mean there?

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