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Sorry about taking my time over this but Have been working away.

As simple as back dating my version of Mach has fixed all these problems one other thing I found was in the CS set up there is a tab to reset DRO's to zero on a emergency stop unchecking this was a good idea to.

The only problem I have now is my shuttle pro will only work if your careful with it. Don't give it a full twist at full jog or it will give another ePid error pr trip the drive.

Thank you Hood

I understand most of what you have said and I am running .066 On the machine Ill back date it this after noon and all so grab my XML file for you to study and see what the out comes is.



Im having a lot of problems with my IP-6S the machine will run fine until a tool change is called for if I do not move the machine and press cycle start the machine works fine and just carries on. How ever if I move the machine to change tool and reset Z and press start I get a ePID error. Then if I follow the screen and reset the emergency stop the machine will carry on and try to cut the part put at this point as soon as I have hit reset the DRO has lost all its ZERO's and then the machine goes of in all directions.

Look at it like this the machine stops I move Z up change tool set z zero and hit cycle start machine bugs with the ePID fault so I hit stop to rest then as soon as I do this the DRO then get's a hole lot of new dimensions from some place I think from when the machine was referenced and then runs of to the corner of the table to mill a new T-slot in it.

On top of this I have all so noticed some setting keep changing there mind what they are doing ? I have all so found that all my ports have to have the number 10 in there before the machine will work put them to 0 and the machine will not move put them back to 10 and off it goes. I thought the ports didn't matter ?

Why is this this

CS-Lab / Re: ENC threading module
« on: November 08, 2015, 04:41:11 PM »
The lathe is the Mirac with a ATC I would very much like to see your build I have been unable to find your build could you supplie me a link please.

I do have a diagram for the machine but I don't know how to take from it what I need to make this work.

CS-Lab / ENC threading module
« on: November 07, 2015, 02:41:21 PM »
I have a encoder that only has the pin outs for A and Z but the ENC asks for A,B and I from this should I assume that the encoder needs replacing if so will one with the out puts of A,B and Z fill my needs because this is all I can find and if so will the Z out put be my I. Because I have never used or played with encoders there is little understanding of what is needed for this to work.

As a note this is a Denford lathe and they like to do odd things like with the limit switch's  being what they are so I'd not be surprised if I need to replace the encoder

The other one that is doing me is the Inputs to the IP-S for the variable speed control for my inverter what out of +10V, MVI and 0V goes in to what inputs, the over ride pots are working because there was a diagram for me to follow.  One thing I have done right or wrong is that my inverter use's 12V to the switching and so I have run 12V from the inverter to the out put's of the IP-S to power it, the inverter will take external 24V supply for the switching but then I need to use the 0V for grounding and until I can understand how I wire in the varibel speed I cant do this because it uses the 0V as a return to the external power supply.

Hope this is readable and some body can help

General Mach Discussion / Re: XB file in to XML file
« on: November 02, 2015, 06:24:12 PM »
Thank you I cracked it even played with the exe. file to get it to load with out having to use the loader. 

Having not had to change any thing for 4 years didn't help you forget basic stuff after a while thank you once more

General Mach Discussion / Re: XB file in to XML file
« on: November 02, 2015, 05:09:11 PM »
Should I be moving a file or a folder and if its a folder what is its name

General Mach Discussion / Re: XB file in to XML file
« on: November 02, 2015, 05:05:39 PM »
If I understand you right none of my files are XML they are all XB files I even tried replacing the hole folder and still this never worked.

Never struggled with this before

General Mach Discussion / XB file in to XML file
« on: November 02, 2015, 04:22:58 PM »
I think some thing daft is being done by me and here is what I'v been doing.

Loaded a new PC with Mach3 drag my old XLM file over to the new pc. But all my files in the back up file are XB files, in the read me file it says If you would like to use one of the backups simply change the files extension to .xml and place it into the Mach3 Directory ? I'm sure in the past iv just dragged out the last good file I wanted to use in to where I installed Mach3 deleted the old one and booted up Mach.

It seems iv done some thing very wrong this time because I cant get any thing to load other than a unset up screen.

what am I missing I thought I was good at this until this evening.

General Mach Discussion / Re: Setting and backing them up
« on: June 03, 2012, 05:19:40 PM »
As all ways Hood your there for me and i think you should change you name over to Brains would be better fitting.

Thank you as all ways


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