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Hi Hood,
This is not keystroke emulator, It's real usb keyboard for usb host devices (PC, handheld or some cellular phones).
But input system different from normal keyboards, i can configure it for what i want.
For example; i can add graycode encoder roller and send feedrate +/- keystrokes from encoder :)

Sorry i cant understand this Question: What is real I/O RS232 or rs485?

Thank you Brett, this is what i want.
I will write firmware for 3 option (Lathe, Mill and Plasma).
My target is programmable keys over USB with special windows software but i'm working already.
No problem for this first devices because firmware already can update over USB with simple firmware loader software.

I will share first devices in this week.

I like that!   Will you be selling those?

Ray L.

Yes Ray, will be sell in 1-2 Week. Price will around 25$. It's firmware can be upgrade over internet, this is good for feature updates and shortcut key changes.
My Target is, a firmware with programmable shortcuts.

I was designed this board for Servo(RC model servo) controller and Flight simulator shortcuts, but I have 3 CNC already (1 foam cutter 2 lathe) and i want use with my cnc also. Idea is simple, just I need list of usefull shortcut keys list of Mach.

@Garry and Sshneider,
Thanks for your guidance.
Do you know default shortcuts of this options? (like CTRL+A, CTRL-R...)

Hi Everyone,

I'm an electronic engineer and  producing small usefull electronic things.
I designed new Keyboard Shortcutter device. It's a small electronical board with 20 control line and USB compatible/Firmware upgradeable.
It will send shortcut keys to your computer when you solder your hard buttons(like start/stop/emergancy stop/directions) to board.

Now, My Question is:
- What is the usefull shortcut keys of Mach 3?

i will procude it for Mach also, If i find 10-18 important shortcut keys for Mach.
I hope it will help for you when making control panels for your CNC.


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