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Thank you garyhlucas,

I did already find servo source. Does your servo 5000 mills control work? I am trying to decide if it's even worth messing with the original control or just start fresh.

I finally got this off my truck, It weighs more than I thought!

I tested the original controller and it doesn't seem to work so...New control time!
The original control used Pittman brush dc servos and the drive is a linear 2 axis drive there are encoders and tachs on each axis. The servos are listed as 19.1vdc 3.52 A continuous 21.5a peak , am I correct that 19.1v is the peak voltage?
I would like to stay with the servos on this. Can anyone sugest drives?

I have a Galil 4 axis control and was sort of thinking that might be a good fit but I am open to suggestions as it has been a while since using Mach3.

My last lathe I did was ~3-4 years ago with steppers. I have since been using my Hardinge Superslant so the little 9x20 I converted has been collecting dust. It doesn't compare to a Superprecision Hardinge with a 20hp spindle!

Lately though the Hardinge is showing signs it is time for replacement so I am back at the smaller lathes.

Just pulled one of these out of 2 feet of snow. The price was right..FREE!
The Hardinge looks to be in good shape and it has a small x-y table on it. I have no manual for it and can't find much info about the cnc control. No pictures of the actual machine yet as it is in the back of my pickup under a tarp with snow again last night,

Anyone know anything about the servo products control?


From your pictures I see that has a mitsubishi control. Probably the meldas 520.

 In my opinion from having a machine with the 520 control, I think you would be ahead of the game to use the existing control and make parts instead of re-inventing the wheel.

If you don't know where to begin there's a good chance a project like this is over your head right now. No offense intended.

If there is something wrong with the machines control, Mitsubishi has been very helpful to me troubleshooting.

Try here for manuals/ info

From your pictures that looks like a decent shape machine I wouldn't mind having and using as is

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: 9x20 Chinese Lathe Conversion
« on: March 14, 2012, 01:06:12 PM »
The collet closer is a Royal that was originally on a southbend 9" It uses 3c collets. I bought it on e-bay.

I added turcite to the bottom of my z axis carriage and had to rework my gibs as well. I have been thinking of adding linear rails as you are doing to yours.

I like yours so far, keep up the good work!

Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: 9x20 Chinese Lathe Conversion
« on: March 13, 2012, 04:16:16 PM »
Are you planning on keeping it flat or using it as a slant-bed?

I turned mine into a slant and it helps keep the chips out of the z- screw.  Mine is far from done but it works and has made tons of parts.

Go to this link to download the manauals for your machine. I believe you said you have the M3 control.


I have talked with the service guys at Mitsu and they are great. I have received free over the phone service from them.

Congrats on geting the toolchanger rotating!

I have (3) Vmc's with the carousel toolchanger and none of them have a home switch for #1 position. They rely on setting the carousel to the #1 position to start and a bit system to remember which tool is in the spindle.

Did you use a home switch on BP carousel?

I agree about the customization ability on Mach. 

I have (3) machines with Mitsubishi controls, (2) with the MO control, and (1) with the 520AMR. If I didn't use them constantly i would love to retro the MO machines to Mach.

If the DM has mitsu brushless motors/drives on it, you may be able to re-use those.

Have you run any serious 3d code on the BP412?

Have you moved the Z all the way up yet? It doesn't look like you would have enough clearance above it for 20" of Z!

There is a guy on cnczone (caprirs) who used to work for Dyna Mechtronics and He seems to know alot about them.

I am guessing you have the Meldas 2 or 3 on this machine. I think all the DM4800's I have seen have had rigid tapping on them.

Nice machine and I know it will be even nicer once you are done with it!

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