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Ok, I'll work my way through the manual then.  The manual may be a little premature with their instructions on page 3.5 though.

Thanks for your help!   

Maybe that's my problem.  I don't have any "ports assigned" or  "axis enabled". I am following the instructions in the manual and I am only on page 3.5.  I have only gone through the instructions up to that point.

I am a newbee and am having trouble with some pretty basic stuff in the installation and configuration manual. On page 3.5 the manual says if you enter the command "G00 X1.6 Y2.3" you should see the respective axis DROs with those values.  That's not happening - the DROs remain zeros! The same thing is happening with the jogging control flyout thingy - no matter what I do with it, the axis DROs stay at all zeros.  :(

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