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 ::) Yennb, can you help ? as we both live in the same country, what materials and electronics did you use, I am new to this so any info would help   Barry

Hi my name is Benny, the dumb name I have as my forum name is benny spelt backwards. For some reason it has stuck.
I live In Melbourne Australia. I have been into CNC for a couple of years now, and love the fact that a personal computer can drive a CNC machine. Hence my involvement with Mach3.
I have built two CNC router tables now, and get a kick out of seeing a machine that I built, actually cut something. Its a constant thrill for me. ( But then again I am easily amused. )
BENNY, Barry, I amm very interested in your set ups, as I am very new to this process, at least we live in the same country, for ease of local materials, can you help me with what you used    B

What do I need  to make the electronics????? Can I use a XP computer, that the "printer spooler driver" dosn't work, Dunno why, went out and bought a new "set up:   Barry

Hi, guys, new to this "wizardy of things"
I build model aircraft (45yrs) 60 yrs old , thin and working on getting fat.
Looking at making a cnc router
I live in W.A. Australia.  Port Hedland
Ta Barry

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