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Show"N"Tell ( Your Machines) / Re: Finished my Taig 4th Axis
« on: January 27, 2009, 03:21:40 AM »
love the leds on the chuck.....i have a taig but its has to be in a euro spec cabinet for safety ..only i have to stand on a tool box to stick my head in when homing ...i use two taper mills (from bits&bits) one in the collet and one in a three jaw chuck i have used a web cam but find it easier to jog from the keyboard using a standing magnifier to locate my Y and a manual z depth locater turned out of ali (just a thread poking out the top with blue tack on it ) i do have an edge finder but find my eyes quicker...

hello folks my name is Enrique
 I am an artist/signwriter turned jewellery designer working in the jewellery workshop in southport ...i love cnc and aspire to buiding my own machine  i am interested in a gantry type at first becuase i have more uses for one but i also would like to build a nice micro mill (better than the taig i am using at work) with high a frequency spindle, i really fancy a revo but cant afford one and my boss is to .....busy.... to realise the advantage of accuracy and speed .....so i obviously need some CASH to build said dream machine so if any one needs any gcode for 4axis or flat work in return for a few portraits of her majesty
i would be only to pleased to design your company logo or belt buckle in three D.
i also make lovely jewellery so if yer missus is treatin yer well, why not treat her to a nice very expensive platinum ring or pendant for just a few grand.....otherwise just email me with a donation for the poor mans cnc fund ....
well it was worth a laugh ...ill probably be banned now for advertising ...

General Mach Discussion / Re: run fron here
« on: January 26, 2009, 02:17:08 PM »
thanks hood i thought as much ,,and i just went for it and everything went OK  i set my backlash comp which seems to have done the trick but i have noticed discrepancies in my models
im using artcam for ring design but it seems to have issues when it comes to correctly displaying the correct vector-to - hight ratio and so my models have a rotary distortion anyway i have raised the issue with delcam but it seems to be one of the software limitations as artcam is hightfield technology and not 3d so its converted from flat to round ...sigh.....so i have to compensate for distortion within the modeling process!
it seems 'im getting away from having to set limits but i suppose if you don't exceed them anyway you don't need them? are there any other benefits to setting limits on a four axis setup without auto-tool changing i suppose not as all my jobs are all within an inch cube..  there is a lot i would like to know about mach 3 but in my current work flow which is CUT CUT CUT i don't much chance to explore.. are there any meets in the uk ? i suppose ill just have to keep reading the forum something i seem to neglect to do ..anyhow thanks for the reply

General Mach Discussion / run fron here
« on: January 26, 2009, 07:43:19 AM »
hello folks
well i have been using mach3 for a couple of years with a taig micro mill without software limits and machine coords set in a very basic fashion ...but have had plenty of good runs with no real problems....yet ..however i found out that i needed to set my backlash compensation as my rotary stuff was getting thinner on the x (and probably the flats too but) i hadnt really noticed until today when cutting a ring design ..what i want to know is can i use the go to or similar command to move to a particular point in my job  and run from it ...i think i have used "run from here" before but cant remember how i used it ...im going to try anyway ..but do i need software and machine limmits set to do this ?   

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